• Shelby W. - 31 Yrs Old Athlete & Sales Consultant, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    Summit Fit Dojo has really given me the opportunity to take my fitness to the next level. Javier has really put together a program that has guaranteed results, and I have a great time doing it as well.

    Shelby W. - 31 Yrs Old Athlete & Sales Consultant
  • Monica P. - 35 Yrs Old Registered Nurse, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    I decided it was time to change my lifestyle a bit and knew I needed more fitness in my life. My coworker had joined a fitness program and spoke so highly of it, so I thought I would give it a try. What did I have to lose? Right!?! I was able to dedicate three days a week to my challenge. Javier makes it fun and challenging with different workouts every day. Between kickboxing and medicine balls to running and sprinting, and with better nutritional choices that Javier teaches along the way it has helped me begin to achieve my goals. In 6 six weeks I was able to lose 12 lbs and 9 inches!! Thanks Javier, I couldn't have done it without you!! As a working professional and student I was hesitant to start a 6 week small group fitness progrma with such limited time on my schedule, but Javier offers classes at different times that I was able to make it possible. If I were to use one word to describe my experience it would have to be EMPOWERING!!!"

    Monica P. - 35 Yrs Old Registered Nurse
  • Cindy C. - 42 Yrs Old Mother & Real Estate Agent, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "I have participated in Summit Fit Dojo's fitness program for over 6 weeks and have been extremely pleased with the program. My results have been fantastic: weight loss, looser fitting clothes, increased strength and durability, plus overall body sculpting results. Javier's fitness classes are hard; he pushes you to your max for the best results. But there's an amazing sense of accomplishment when you finish a class. The combination of the fitness regimen and the nutrition guidelines provide great results. I highly recommend Summit Fit Dojo to anyone who wants to make a change in their physicality and overall health."

    Cindy C. - 42 Yrs Old Mother & Real Estate Agent
  • Carol L. - 45 Yrs Old Breast Cancer Survivor, Mother of 2 and Working Professional, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "Love it! Love it! Love it! Started training at Summit Fit Dojo in August 2011 and what a change it has made in my life! I have taken other boot camp classes but NOTHING compares to this one. It is always challenging, different, fun and Javier pushes you hard and I mean pushes:) He wants to see every client succeed! My fellow training partners are awesome and I love seeing them at class. We are all in this "change of life" together and so there is a lot of encouragement going on. I can't say enough about this Summit Fit Dojo's fitness program and am so glad I found it last year. It has changed my physical ability, my mental focus and all around health. I encourage everyone to give it a try.....you'll become addicted like me!"

    Carol L. - 45 Yrs Old Breast Cancer Survivor, Mother of 2 and Working Professional
  • Martin T. - 32 Yrs Old Fitness Enthusiast & Software Engineer, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "I joined Summit Fit Dojo to throw some variety into my already established workout routine and I'm glad I did. Not only was there a variety of exercises that got me out of my routine rut but I was able to push a little harder with the extra motivation from others in the class as well as Fitness Coach Javier. At the end of each session you will know you've put some work in. And that work along with the diet counseling Javier provides makes a great combination. I'd recommend Summit Fit Dojo to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding workout experience."

    Martin T. - 32 Yrs Old Fitness Enthusiast & Software Engineer
  • Josh K. - 32 Yrs Old Husband, Father & Automative Advisor, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "I signed up for Summit Fit Dojo's Fitness Classes at the beginning of the year in an order to help get back active and in shape. I can't say enough good things about what I saw. I made a strong effort to be there as much as I could & averaged 3-4 days a week. The differing workouts of kettle bells, kick boxing and many others made each class fun, interesting & always challenging. After a while, I was able to fit back into my old jeans again (& the ones I had been wearing I can't any more because they are too big). I even got yelled at a little because I made a lot of smoke in the house one morning. Why? Because my belt had no more holes to tighten it enough, so I had to burn/melt new holes so that I could still use my belt! Awesome place, great people to work out with & definitely worth the sweat equity!"

    Josh K. - 32 Yrs Old Husband, Father & Automative Advisor
  • Michelle C. - 38 Yrs Old Working Professional & Mother Of 2, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "Javier Lozano's Summit Fit Dojo program has been a godsend to me and my son! I am a 37 year old mother of two teenage boys who has always prided myself on working out and trying to eat what I thought was healthy. A few months back my life was turned upside down, which in turn affected my whole family. I had lost a lot of self confidence and had absolutely no motivation to do much of anything other than get through each day, that is until we started working out with Javier. Coach Javier implements every imaginable element into his workouts and you never know what you will do next. The only guarantee is that he will push you to your limits and give you one heck of a workout. The first couple of weeks, my son and I would come home sore and I wanted to scream that I was paying to put myself through such a physically demanding program. Then, I started seeing the rewards of what I was doing. I was waking up excited to see what the day would bring, it put a new spring in my step as I began to prove to myself that I still had a lot of determination in me and that I could still set goals and accomplish them. I also began to see definition and toning that I had never gotten in all the years of working out on my own. Additionally, I reached a feat that I was convinced was impossible. Due to asthma, I had never been able to run however, after only 5 weeks of training, I ran a mile in 10 minutes. It was exhilarating and amazing to me that I had come so far in such a short period of time. I owe Javier Lozano and his Summit Fit Dojo Small Group Personal Training program a ton of gratitude for helping me get back on track, for giving me my confidence back, my fighting “I can do anything I put my mind to” spirit back, and the physical improvements that I have longed for years for. My 16 year old son, who takes the class with me, has also seen astonishing improvements and has begged me to enroll him again in the next session. As a previous High School football player, he learned poor dietary habits to “bulk up” for the team. His self image was low and he didn't know where to begin or how to lose weight. In 5 short weeks training with Javier and benefiting from his extensive nutritional knowledge, my son has lost 11 lbs. and several inches in his hips, thighs, waist, and chest. His confidence has improved and I have even seen an improvement in his attitude toward school. He plans ahead and gets his homework done to allow him to always make class. Additionally, he has mentioned several times how much it means to him that Coach Javier comes around and watches each of his students, correcting them when necessary, praising them for their successes, and always, always encouraging them to do their best and not give up. In short, I would highly recommend Javier Lozano and his Fitness program at Summit Fit Dojo to anyone looking to improve their quality of life be it through losing weight, toning their muscles, gaining knowledge of nutrition, or to regain the confidence, which he instills in you, that you can do anything you put your mind too!"

    Michelle C. - 38 Yrs Old Working Professional & Mother Of 2
  • Dolly P. - 57 Yrs Old Working Professional At DeVry University, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "I decided to be brave and sign up for Coach Javier's Summit Fit Dojo fitness program, and I am so glad I did. At 48 years old, I wasn't sure if I could keep up and make it through. It was hard work, but I felt so good and confident even after my first class. I became stronger, had more energy and just felt a lot better about myself. After the first 2 weeks, I was so much stronger, had really toned up and was eating so much healthier. It is a great feeling. I would recommendSummit Fit Dojo to anyone who needs a big step in the right direction to stay healthy and fit."

    Dolly P. - 57 Yrs Old Working Professional At DeVry University
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  • Lynn V. - 37 Year Old Mother and Working Professional, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    Summit Fit Dojo is amazing! Not only does it challenge every fitness level, but it is constantly changing and never dull or boring. I have been apart of Summit Fit Dojos Group Personal Training for just over two years now. In the first three months I chiseled away fat and replaced it with lean muscle, to the tune of four dress sizes! In addition to the strength and health benefits there is also a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Javier encourages each participant to reach their personal best, and all of the individuals in the class encourage one another along the way. No matter where you are at along the path of your fitness journey, Summit Fit Dojo is for you!

    Lynn V. - 37 Year Old Mother and Working Professional
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  • Over 30 lbs in JUST 6 Months!, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "Summit Fit Dojo is a wonderful part of my life!  After training 3 times per week for the first 3 months, I dropped from 159 to 139 lbs! I've been with Summit Fit Dojo for just over 2 years now and have lost a total of 22 inches... and went from a size 12 to a size 4!!! To date, I have lost nearly over 30 lbs and I am healthier & stronger then ever before."

    Over 30 lbs in JUST 6 Months!
  • Bernadette Lost 35 lbs… TWICE!, FitRanX Westminster Testimonials

    "I was at my heaviest, after the birth of my 2nd son.  I was tired, stressed, and not very healthy!  Shortly after this picture, I started to train at Summit Fit Dojo. I had lost 35 lbs not just once, but TWICE!  After my daughter was born, I went BACK to Summit Fit Dojo because of the proven results.  I eat better and feel better then ever before.  And, I'm very thankful to have lost the weight and gained the strength I need to keep up with my kids."

    Bernadette Lost 35 lbs… TWICE!
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  • Melting Inches… In 4 Weeks!
  • "Javier Lozano is a maniac that pushes you to your own limits and then encourages you beyond. I am 53 years old and received a Summit Fit Dojo gift certificate from my daughters. What do you say? I went with them for the 6-week adventure resolving to just endure it. I was amazed at how hard I could push myself and I was encouraged by Javier's coaching that was a firm, take-no-prisoners approach, but when it got the most difficult was when he would come along side with coaching and encouragement. The biggest thing I had to get past (besides getting up off the floor for the first week or so) was that it was ok to go your pace and not to be distracted by the performance of everyone else in the class. I have a short attention span, too, so I really did well with the way he mixes up the exercises and there was a different routine every time. At the end of 6 weeks, I feel good, I am better disciplined, and on top of it all I lost about 15 pounds! I think I have the resolve now to continue on with healthier eating habitsand exercise--two concepts that weren't in my bag of behaviors. There is so much more to this than just a workout. Enroll with one of your friends or family member and join them in the challenge! It will change lives."

    Jeff M. - 53 yrs old Father of 2 & Cinema Editor
  • Dropping 13 lbs in 8 Weeks!
  • "I just finished a 6 week trial session at Summit Fit Dojo and I can't tell you how grateful I am that I stepped out of my box and did it. I lost almost 10lbs and inches across my entire body. I can do more then I thought I could. Javier is a great instructor. He motivates, pushes, and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. That 6 weeks wasn't just a 6 week program to lose weight but to push me to make a change in my life, which I feel I have."

    Angela N. - 37 yrs old Mother & working professional
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