personal-training-in-westminster-co-300x199Summit Fit Dojo offers semi private personal training to clients interested in getting a more personalized training experience by having 1 to 4 clients in a session.  This allows you train with a Certified Personal Trainer, get a customized training program designed for your goals, and get the necessary attention and accountability to succeed. Whether you're preparing for a 1/2 or full marathon, wanting to increase your strength & conditioning for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, snowboarding / skiing, or mountain biking. Or, you're simply wanting an awesome coach that teaches you proper exercise forms, encourages you every step of the way, holds you accountable by tracking your training and eating habits, and makes sure you're giving it your all during every session -- than a personal trainer at Summit Fit Dojo is your best option.

Do You Have A "Personal Trainer" At A Big Box Gym?

We're sorry to say this, but it's not the same. personal_training_2-300x199Seriously... We understand that every personal trainer needs to establish a clientele base, but what's completely unacceptable is the service that some of these trainers at a Big Box Gym provide. From our experience, and this is no joke, we've had clients say that their personal trainer belittled them and made it obvious they did not want to work with them. Others have said that their personal trainer NEVER delivered the type of exercises or workouts our personal trainers at Summit Fit Dojo create. And finally, some have even gone as far to say that their personal trainer was completely unprofessional, amateurish, or had no clue what they were doing for them. If you've had similar experiences with a personal trainer at a Big Box Gym, than we recommend you checkout our trainers before dropping another fee for 'X' sessions.  You're wasting your money.  Might as well flush that money down the drain... Or put it into valuable use with a personal trainer at Summit Fit Dojo.We want to know YOUR fitness goals.  We want to know YOUR motivation! Our professional fitness coach will help you be a fitness success.  Guaranteed! Complimentary Fitness Consultation

Personal Trainers At Summit Fit Dojo Are...

  • Certified with one of the leading personal training organizations in the world.
  • Experienced with countless hours of coaching with small, large, and private sessions.
  • Certified as a Nutritional Coach.
  • First Aid and CPR certified.
  • A former professional athlete or recreational athlete that takes training seriously.
  • Personal, so you can relate with them from various struggles or personal goals.
  • Extremely professional and only delivers the best services in the industry.
  • Encouraging, with a set plan to help you meet your goals.
  • Simply awesome... and we're not lying about that.

Why is it important to have a certified personal trainer?

Easy -- you're paying for a service that delivers results.  PERIOD. When you pay a contractor to fix your home, you expect the home to be fixed.  PERIOD. For some reason, this is a lost concept in the fitness industry... Personal trainers at Summit Fit Dojo just take things to the next level.

Who Should Signup For Personal Training?

one couple man woman exercising workout aerobic fitness posture full length silouhette on studio isolated on white background There are several reasons why we have clients that signup for personal training.  But, to give you an idea, we've made a list of several clients that need personal training services.  Maybe you fall in this category.
  • Working professionals with limited time to go to the gym.
  • Mom's that just delivered and want to "workout" with their child or lose the baby fat.
  • Pregnant women wanting to stay fit while going through their pregnancy.
  • Injured clients needing to strengthen certain areas of the body.
  • Athletes wanting to prepare for a race, event, or match -- or take their training to the next level.
  • Clients that may be slightly uncomfortable to join a small group fitness session.
  • Anyone that is looking to learn proper body and weight training.
Our professional fitness coach will help you evaluate your fitness goals. We'll then make sure you stay on track and become a ROCK STAR! Complimentary Fitness Consultation

So How Do You Get Started?

If you're looking to get the best workout of your life with an excellent personal trainer at Summit Fit Dojo, than you need to call or email us immediately. Our trainers tend to get booked up pretty quickly because of the results their clients benefit from, so their time is quite limited. When you contact us, we'll set a Complimentary Consultation to go over your fitness goals, needs, wants and desires, assess your fitness level & nutrition and go over our various personal training fitness packages. Once we've done a thorough evaluation, we'll schedule your training sessions, put you on a 21 day program that delivers guaranteed results and make sure we keep you on track. Please feel free to fill out the form on the Right Hand Side of this website, or simply call us at: 303-920-9747.  By filling out the form, we'll be able to contact you quickly. We look forward to hearing from!

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