What Is A Small Group Fitness Class?

Summit Fit Dojo Fitness Kickboxing Summit Fit Dojo offers small group Westminster fitness classes to residents residing in North Metro Denver.  We have created one of the most innovative and uniquely designed group fitness programs on the market by helping you lose weight, get in shape, and start seeing a slimmer, thinner, sexier you. We train you to use your body, not machines, to generate energy by doing various exercises with pieces of equipment or body weight training. When you attend our small group Westminster Fitness Training Sessions at Summit Fit Dojo, you could be working out with a kettlebell, medicine ball, sandbags, dumb bells, resistance band or fitness kickboxing on heavy bags. Every workout is always different, making every session fun, exciting, and unique.

Who Is Summit Fit Dojo?

Summit Fit Dojo is a community of fitness clients ranging from moms, dads, teachers, working professionals, and striving athletes looking to either get back into shape or reach certain goals and milestones for future events. Westminster Personal TrainingClients of all skill levels or physical conditioning levels can actually train together in the same fitness training sessions because Summit Fit Dojo has created a scaled workout that is tailored to your ability level.  Whether you're training for a marathon, or trying to get in bikini shape for your vacation, our fitness classes will help you meet your goals. In addition, we only employ the best Certified Personal Trainers to coach all of our small group training sessions.  So, you know from the beginning that the coach leading your fitness class is there to help YOU meet your personal goals.  Plus, it's been known that some of our coaches AND clients have helped new clients get through certain workouts by ACTUALLY doing the last few repetitions with them.  This clearly shows a sense of community and comradery among our coaches and clients.

Why Train At Summit Fit Dojo?

Why should you choose Summit Fit Dojo versus one of the other fitness programs out there? Easy. We are one of the few fitness training centers in Westminster, Colorado that actually offers a 30-day risk free guarantee. What does that mean? If you are not 100% satisfied with our fitness program, than you can cancel your membership at Summit Fit Dojo. No gimmicks.  No games. How 'bout them apples! In addition, you can come in and try any of our small group fitness sessions with this amazing special: 21 days for $21!. Again, you've got nothing to lose! Give us a call, or simply fill out the form at the top right of our website, and we'll setup your first appointment.

When Do Summit Fit Dojo Fitness Classes Take Place?

We currently offer fitness classes during the early morning, mid morning, and afternoon & evenings. Checkout our Westminster fitness classes schedule and see which days and times work best for you!  

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