Small Group Fitness Classes

Broomfield Small Group Fitness ClassesAll of our small group fitness classes are exactly that... small group fitness.  So, instead of training in a small gym with several sweaty bodies, we limit our small group fitness classes to about 15 clients per session. Why is this important? We want to make sure we deliver the best fitness instruction to all of our clients, and the only way to do this is by limiting our class sizes.  This will allow you to get personalized coaching from our Certified Personal Trainers that are willing to do anything to help YOU meet YOUR goals!

No Two Workouts Are The Same

Next, our group fitness session are always different.  Meaning, you'll never do the same workout twice!  Whys is this important? Let's face it, variety is the spice of life, and fitness training is no different.  All Summit Fit Dojo training sessions are uniquely created and designed to deliver the maximum amount of results by using the entire body during every session. So, instead of Ab Tuesdays, Glute Thursdays, and Arm Saturdays... it's... well, we can't tell you what we do... Like we tell our clients, "there's a method to the madness!" And, they keep on coming back because they keep on getting better results then anywhere else.

Sense Of Community

Summit Fit Dojo Clients doing a Mud RunFinally, we offer the sense of community in our small group fitness classes. Think about it... If all fitness sessions are limited to about 15 clients or less, and all of our coaches actually KNOW who you are by first name, and we host various seminars and events that allows clients to get together and know each other -- eventually you become a community. It's been known that our fitness coaches and trainers (along with clients) to help encourage newcomers by doing extra exercises with them, to help motivate, encourage, and push them through a workout. When was the last time you saw a "random" person get next to you on the treadmill at the gym and push you to a limit you didn't know you had? Never... Exactly our point. So, to sum it up, Summit Fit Dojo offers limited space, small group fitness classes, with unique workouts, in a community setting, designed to guarantee results. Honestly, it doesn't get better then this... so we challenge you to find a place like ours. Fill out the form on the right of this screen (and we'll send you a free Fat Loss Guide as our gift to you), or simply call us at 303-920-9747 and we'll be happy to let you try our fitness classes for 21 days at only $21!  

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