Total Body Workout

Broomfield Fitness Kickboxing at Summit Fit Dojo Fitness kickboxing has been recognized as a great all round, total body, exercise training program, which incorporates strength training, metabolic conditioning, core development, balance, and coordination. The techniques that are used in Summit Fit Dojo's fitness kickboxing classes are easy and effective to perform and execute. From basic punches, standard strikes, and various kicks, you'll begin to shed and burn more calories in a 45 minute session than normal group fitness classes that last 1-hour. In addition, every fitness kick boxing training session is led by a well qualified and certified fitness kickboxing coaches. They have been properly trained to help you perform, injury free, and modify certain techniques to your ability levels.

All Fitness Levels Welcomed

Broomfield Fitness kick boxing classes are ideal for all fitness levels, so no matter your skill set or conditioning Summit Fit Dojo welcomes beginners, intermediate or advanced clients to train together, since our training sessions can be scaled to every fitness level. This type of fitness training allows to you to be motivated and encouraged to keep working hard, as you'll begin to see what your potential could be in the near future.

Increased Metabolic Conditioning

During all of our Broomfield fitness kickboxing classes, we provide heavy kickboxing bags for clients to strike, punch, and kick. This will help you practice your new learned techniques and develop effective self-defense skills -- as all of our kickboxing techniques can be applied to self-defense training. Every session will move your body in various positions that will ensure a full body workout. Throughout your workout at Summit Fit Dojo, your heart rate and breathing will increase allowing you to pump enough oxygen to your brain and other parts of your body. This type of training is extremely beneficial because it strengthens your heart, increases your oxygen intake, and tones your muscles.  As you continue to stick with your fitness kick boxing training, you will begin to feel improvements almost immediately. Summit Fit Dojo will ensure that you remain fit and healthy, as you move forward in your lifestyle change. We believe that any form of exercise is good, especially when performed as a routine or habit. Many of our clients enjoy the structure and workout sessions of Broomfield fitness classes, as it breaks up the mundane workouts you may go through, as well as make the time go by faster than you can imagine!

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