Fitness Kickboxing Program Is The Best Weight Loss Program in Thornton

Thornton Fitness KickboxingThornton fitness kickboxing training center has become an incredibly popular place to lose weight and improve your overall cardio.  Our fantastic Thornton fitness classes have been developed to ensure that you improve every area of your body, from toning your arms, trimming your hips and waist, and building lean muscle in your legs by performing several different strikes, punches, kicks, and blocks including body movement. After just a few classes in our Summit Fit Dojo Fitness Kick boxing classes, you will soon realize the benefits of our program are immense, including better confidence in your self-appearance, looser fitting clothes, and more knowledge in proper self-defense skills.  Not to mention, the weight loss that is achieved after continuous training in our fitness kickboxing program -- many clients decide on this form of fitness training due to the results they attain within just a few weeks of our exercise program. While other fitness programs may make you feel intimidated, our style of fitness kickboxing training will never make you feel out-of-place, regardless of your combat capabilities, fitness level, or coordination skills.  You do not need a huge amount of physical strength (as we will help you develop those muscle groups), and the routines are easy to memorize and execute, after just a few strikes on the bag. In addition, at Summit Fit Dojo, our fitness kickboxing classes are non-contact based.  You train on a free standing heavy bag.

Go 10 Rounds On A Heavy BagBroomfield Fitness Kickboxing & Boot Camp

Kicking and punching on professional heavy kickboxing bags throughout our fitness kickboxing classes is the perfect way to lose weight, release stress, and increase your conditioning.  As you move your body continuously during a 2-3 minute round with inspiring music, you will begin to burn as much as 750 calories in one fitness kick boxing training session. Summit Fit Dojo believes that a top quality workout needs to be provided for you to lose weight and get in shape... FAST!  Therefore our Thornton Fitness Kick boxing sessions have been created to give you a high intensity, low-impact workout.  You will also improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility as you continue to train in our program.

Real Self-Defense Skills

  As mentioned before, you will also learn reality-based self defense techniques, which can help protect you from a possible attacker.  All of the punches, strikes, kicks, blocks, and body movements you execute during every session are  techniques taught to our Self-Defense clients, short course programs, and practiced by professional fighters. Call Summit Fit Dojo today at 303-920-9747, and ask about our 21 Days for $21 Special.  And, while you're at it, fill out the form on the top right of this page, and you'll receive a FREE copy of our Diet and Fat Loss Secrets.  That's our gift to you for checking us out.  

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