Uniquely Designed Fitness Classes

Summit Fit Dojo isn't just another "fitness studio", "gym", or "training center".  We are actually a small group personal training studio that offers training sessions with no more then 15 clients per class.  This allows you to get better, and more individualized fitness instruction from our fitness trainers.  In addition to our total body workouts we offer, you'll also be educated and taught how to eat correctly with our uniquely designed Nutritional Coaching. Keep reading to see how we aren't your normal gym with muscle heads and gym rats running around...

Certified Fitness Coaches

Westminster Personal TrainingFor starters, we only hire the best and most qualified fitness coaches to lead our small group fitness classes.  All of our coaches are Certified Personal Trainers with some of the leading fitness organizations in the United States, as well as CRP and First Aid certified through the American Red Cross. In addition, they are well trained and educated in using various equipment -- including heavy bags for fitness kickboxing, kettlebells, dumb bells, resistance bands, and other training equipment. We find it important that our fitness coaches be trained in the most proven and innovative fitness equipment on the market, as this gives our clients the best results while working out in our small group fitness studio. Lastly, our coaches are here for you.  That's right... YOU!  They care about every client that steps into our Thornton fitness classes.  From the stay-at-home mom to the working class dad, Summit Fit Dojo's fitness coaches are here to help you meet your fitness goals.

Nutritional Coaching

Eating Healthy with Summit Fit Dojo Nutrition GuidesThere are plenty of fitness studios, fitness programs, and big box gyms that either give you a place to train, or conduct workout sessions -- but not all of them offer proper nutritional coaching. Why is nutritional coaching important to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals? Let's put it this way...  Even the best athletes in the world understand that eating correctly allows them to perform at the highest level in their respected sport. Summit Fit Dojo knows EXACTLY what you should eat before and after every workout session, what are the best snacks are for you, what to fuel your body with to perform your best during every fitness session, and what to eat to hinder your sweet tooth.  That's right... we actually know what your body is LACKING when you have the chocolate craving. Most importantly, though, we believe that by educating all of our clients about how food works in your body, this empowers them to make better decisions, which in turn gives them the results they desire.

Fitness Kickboxing

Summit Fit Dojo Fitness Kickboxing Our Thornton fitness classes are one of the few small group fitness programs in Thornton that offers the best fitness kickboxing program. There are many fitness classes that have a great program, however, it can sometimes become very mundane because there isn't variety. Our fitness kickboxing classes is a great way to break up the training. Some fitness classes you can spend an entire session working the heavy bag for 10 rounds, while other times you'll work on strength training then put your muscles to the test on the heavy bag for a few rounds. Kickboxing is the most requested workout in our fitness classes, it's the most enjoyable workout by all of our clients, and it's one of the most effective forms of exercise out there.

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