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Their Workout Is Our Warm Up!

Summit Fit Dojo is the leading small group fitness training center that offers the BEST total body workout and nutritional coaching to residents in Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton CO. Our programs are designed to help you meet your fitness goals, including:
  • Weight loss for special events
  • Training for competitions and races
  • Toning muscles for a lean, sculpted look
  • And, improving your overall health
At Summit Fit Dojo, you'll begin to see a difference in your physique and looks,  how your clothes fit, and in your energy level.  And, many of our first time clients loose as much as 10 pounds and / or 1 pant size in 30 days or less! Therefore, we are so confident in the results you'll receive in our small group fitness training center, that we put our money where our mouth is! What do we mean by this???

100% Money Back Guarantee

Summit Fit Dojo 100% Moeny Back Guarantee We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to all new clients who join our fitness program. If you don't lose up to 10 pounds and / or 1 pant size in 30 days, we'll refund your money AND let you train for free until you do. Honestly, it doesn't get any better then that. Plus, if you fill out the form on the top right of our page, you can get started on with your weight loss by receiving our gift, The Diet And Fat Loss Secrets guide.  This will help you get on track with the nutritional coaching taught by our certified personal trainers at Summit Fit Dojo. We stand behind our fitness and nutritional program, which is why we feel that you should get the best offer and guarantee in town.  Hands Down!

About Our Fitness Programs

Summit Fit Dojo | Kettlebell Training Summit Fit Dojo delivers the Highest Quality of fitness instruction in town! Summit Fit Dojo is a total body workout program that helps you train the ENTIRE body.  Research shows that total body training, including muscle confusion (we use both methods) will help you get BETTER and FASTER results then simply using an elliptical machine or treadmill found at a big box gym. Our philosophy is if you are going to exercise and workout, make sure it ACTUALLY works.  Don't waste your time on a machine that does not deliver results. With that said, we have 3 distinct Fitness Programs at Summit Fit Dojo Small Group Fitness Training - This is our most popular program!  You get to train with other individuals that are striving to achieve similar fitness goals as you through hard work. You'll train with various pieces of equipment and exercises, including: resistance bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, dumb bells, body weight training and metabolic conditioning such as running or fitness kickboxing.  Our small group fitness classes are also a great way to meet people, make new friends, and motivate each other to push harder. 1-On-1 Personal Training - Our 1-on-1 personal training program are for clients that are always "on the go".  You may have a conflict with our small group fitness training schedule, so you need to have times and days that work with your busy day.  Or you may want to train with one of our Certified Personal Trainers for a few sessions before you actually jump into our group fitness classes.  Finally, if you have a special event (wedding or beach vacation) or competition (races) coming up, doing the 1-on-1 personal training sessions could be the best option for you, as our trainers can tailor make a fitness program that helps you meet your goals before your special day.  In addition, our Certified Personal Trainers can assist you with personalized nutritional coaching.  This will help you get even better results from every session. Summit Fit Dojo | Small Group Fitness Summit Fit Dojo will help you reach your fitness goals with body weight training, weight training, and fitness kickboxing. Fitness Kickboxing - As we mentioned before, we believe that YOU are the machine, and our fitness kickboxing classes are a great way of using that analogy.  During every fitness kickboxing training session, you'll go several rounds, between 2 and 3 minutes, on a free-standing heavy bag, executing various combinations of punches, strikes, kicks, and blocks.  With the hitting action on a heavy bag, your muscles will tone up quicker, your core muscles will get stronger, and your coordination will get better.  In addition, this total body workout will make you train every inch of the body, potentially giving you better results then steady state running. Summit Fit Dojo Re Grand Opening

Re-Grand Opening Special

Summit Fit Dojo is moving to their new location approximately June 1st, to the Park Centre Plaza on 120th Ave. and Tejon St., right behind Vectra Bank and next to Snarf's Sandwich. With our new location, we will be offering an expanded class schedule with sessions in the early morning, mid-morning, lunch time, and early evening. In addition, to celebrate our Re-Grand Opening, we'll be extending discounts to new clients for our fitness programs, ranging between 20% and 50% off of our fitness memberships.  We've NEVER offered a discount like this!  This is by far the BEST deal you can possibly get, for a high quality, fitness program. However... we will only allow the 1st 30 new clients to take advantage of this amazing Re-Grand Opening Special, and once we've achieved that number, the offer will no longer be available. So, our suggestion is to contact us ASAP by either calling 720-248-0449 or simply fill out the form at the top or bottom of this page.  And, when you fill out the form, you'll receive a complimentary copy of our Diet and Fat Loss Secrets Revealed.

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