All of our group personal training classes are limited to ONLY 12 participantsCrossfit athletes working out.Summit Fit Dojo prides ourselves in keeping our Small Group Personal Training classes to approximately 5 to 12 participants per session, which is why we call our classes -- Small Group Personal Training. As you may be too, we are soo tired of overly large group exercise classes with 25+ participants and no real coaching. With our fitness sessions format, this not only gives you an opportunity to get more personal attention from a certified personal trainer, but it keeps all of our classes more intimate, as clients begin to know each other as friends, and fitness trainers can understand your needs. In addition, by limiting our Small Group Personal Training classes to approximately 12 clients, you're able to workout and train with PLENTY of room in our state-of-the-art fitness training center. The days of signing up and getting into jam packed group exercise classes at your local big box gym are over. The new wave to fitness training is Small Group Personal Training.Our professional fitness coach will evaluate your fitness goals. Then, we’ll help you make sure you stay on track & achieve them! Complimentary Fitness ConsultationTraining the body the way it was design to move & functionGym woman push-up strength pushup with dumbbell Summit Fit Dojo offers revolutionary fitness training that has been scientifically designed and proven to give you better results in a shorter amount of time, simply based on normal body movements used throughout your daily life, known as functional body training. Why should you confine your body to a machine that you need to torque and adjust to an uncomfortable & awkward position, which doesn't even teach proper body structure and stabilization? Or wait in line for an electric powered machine that doesn't even burn remotely close to 750 calories in 45 minutes. When Head Fitness Coach Javier Lozano Jr started Summit Fit Dojo, he took these things into consideration, and created a unique personal training fitness program that has helped several of his clients loose as much as 50 pounds in 6-9 months.Summit Fit Dojo uses the 3 pillars of fitness successCoach Javier is a former professional Sport Karate Fighter, and gained much acclaim and success competing in National tournaments throughout the United States, and won World Championship title in 2001. However, winning never came easy because the competition was so intense and high. Therefore, Coach Javier needed to create training methods that gave him an edge over his competitors. By implementing the 3 Pillars of Fitness Success, Coach Javier was able to compete at the highest possible level in Sport Karate for nearly 10 years.Body weight training basically takes you back to your Physical Education days in Middle / High School, where you had to perform various exercises, by using your body as the weight. However, don’t be fooled, Summit Fit Dojo takes it to the next level by creating variations to push-ups, squats, sit-ups, running, jogging, and anything else that simply uses YOU as the source of weight. Studies show that performing proper body weight exercises, you will strengthen your stabilizer and core muscles, sculpt lean muscles in your arms and thighs, and learn how the body is designed to truly exercise.Metabolic conditioning is the fancy term for “cardio”. Now you may be thinking “cardio = running”, but that is not necessarily true. MetCo (short for Metabolic Conditioning) is anything that gets your heart rate up past 100 beats per minute. Why is that important? Well, in order to strengthen your heart, one must push it, hence our philosophy that YOU are the machine. Summit Fit Dojo implements cardio training into every workout, such as jump rope, kickboxing, sprinting, jogging, and other forms of conditioning. This not only burns extra calories during your workout, but also takes your training to the next level.Weighted Exercise is taking your body and adding load, such as weights or resistance. Now try to remove the image of the guy at a local big box gym, that has biceps the size of your head, and picture something a little less… weird. Our clients at Summit Fit Dojo train with various pieces of equipment to add “resistance” to any and all exercises. Some of the tools we use include medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands, and dumb bells, to name a few. By training with weighted equipment, you add enough stress to your muscles that they begin to look lean and feel toned — giving you the slim and sexy body you’ve always desired. The biggest misconception about weighted equipment is that it makes you bulky. That’s COMPLETELY untrue, and we’ll tell you why later…Do you have specific fitness goals? Do you need more guidance to achieve fitness success? Our fitness coaches will help you be your best! Complimentary Fitness ConsultationStop making excuses and see how Summit Fit Dojo can helpA closed fist of a woman in a white background When you join Summit Fit Dojo, we take the three concepts of fitness training and implement them into EVERY session. Why is this so important? Our goal is to help you meet your fitness goals, by using scientifically proven training methods. When you combine body weight resistance, metabolic conditioning, and weighted exercises your body will be so confused as to what you are doing to it, it will be quite difficult to hit a plateau, which is why so many people join Summit Fit Dojo -- because their "training" is no longer giving them results. Let's face it, you don't join a gym for JUST the social aspect of it... you join because you are looking for change. Whether it be weight loss, doctor's orders, or toning your muscles... you're joining to get results. We have clients that have lost as much as 50 pounds in about 6 months of intense, consistent, and dedicated training. They keep coming back because the inches keep melting off and the pounds are steadily dropping. With the muscle confusion workout approach, our clients never get bored and their muscles have no clue what to expect next. So reaching a plateau is practically impossible because we always change it up.Our complimentary fitness consultations fill up quickly. So, don't put off your fitness goals.  Schedule your consultation NOW! Complimentary Fitness Consultation

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