Nope!  All you need is a great attitude, a willingness to work hard, and an awesome sense of humor.  Seriously.  Yes, our Small group personal training classes are challenging, but if it were easy, what would make you come back?  Would you get the results that you desire?  Exactly our point.  We have clients that have never followed a fitness program in their life, to clients who are training for marathons or obstacle course races — all training together.  We can scale our workouts according to your fitness levels.We tell all of our clients to be prepared to train in everything and anything.  So, bring a good pair of running / cross-training shoes, a towel, some water (no Gatorade!), MMA or boxing gloves (or borrow ours), and something comfortable to train in.We like to limit the class size to about 15 clients per session.  Our evening classes are more popular (obviously), but we have plenty of equipment, space, and great coaches to help you get the best workout possible.  Checkout our class schedule so you know which session works best for you!Nope!  We do fitness kickboxing in our classes, however, they are done on free standing heavy bags.  None of that Billy Blanks Tae Bo stuff!  We teach our clients real self-defense skills while training in our fitness kickboxing sessions.  Trust us, one of our clients used their new learned self-defense skills from our kickboxing training in a scary situation.  And, she did awesome!  Dude had no where to go!You can train as much as you like.  We offer unlimited training programs… However, your body will not like you.  We recommend about 3 classes per week when you’re getting started.  This will allow for you to recover correctly after your group personal training sessions.  Trust us, it will pay dividends in the long run.To give you an idea, we are less than a personal trainer, yet slightly more than a “big-box” gym.  We teach small, personalized, group fitness classes.  You’ll get better attention then you would from a big-box gym, but not pay the hefty price of a certified personal trainer.  Put it to you this way, we charge fair market value…  And we include nutritional coaching!Dojo is a Japanese word that means training hall.  It is not specific to karate or martial arts, but a generic word, such as gym or fitness studio — as used in the United States.  Head Fitness Coach and Owner — Javier Lozano Jr is a World Champion Sport Karate Fighter, and he trained in a “dojo”, so he decided to use the word “dojo” in the name Summit Fit Dojo.  Plus, he also runs a martial arts school called The Dojo of Karate.  Don’t worry, you WON’T be wearing white pajamas in our group personal training sessions.

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