Colorado Shine Basketball LogoThe taste of victory is so sweet, it's addicting Summit Fit Dojo and Colorado Shine Basketball have partnered up to bring you the highest quality of athletic training called the FitRanX Elite Competition Program. This is a one-of-kind athlete training program that is designed to put you in the best shape of your life so that you can compete at the highest level possible when playing against some of the best athletes around the country. Here's the thing -- Summit Fit Dojo KNOWS what it takes to get athletes to compete at the highest level in any given sport.  We understand the importance of explosiveness, agility, balance, and mental toughness -- to name a few. But the most important part... we know HOW to get you there. An athlete must be better prepared in ALL areas of their fitness training in order to compete with some of the best in the country.  You CAN NOT just rely on skill.  Or attitude.  Or toughness. Yes, those are components of being one of the best, but it is NOT the determining factor of being THE BEST. How do we know that...? Coach Javier, Owner and Head Fitness Instructor at Summit Fit Dojo, is a former NASKA World Champion fighter and CKA Colorado State Champion fighter.  He competed with and against some of the best martial arts athletes in the world.  He created a fitness program for himself that gave him the physical edge over his opponents, which delivered wins and victories. But, when you get a taste of defeat -- it’s bitter. From speed to explosiveness.  From balance to agility.  And, from physical toughness to mental toughness. He understood what it took to compete at an elite level and be the best Heavy Weight Fighter in the U.S. When you start training at Summit Fit Dojo, you will have an opportunity to prepare your body to give you immediate results on the court. Do you need:

  • A better vertical to rebound?
  • Explosiveness to steal the ball?
  • Balance to make tough shots?
  • Speed to blow by your opponent?
  • Agility to shed an opposing player?
  How about:
  • Better core strength to box out?
  • Upper body strength to guard a player?
  • Foot work that is unmatched?
  • Leg strength to endure double overtime?
  • Mental toughness to grind out a close game?
  If at any point you said "yes" -- then Summit Fit Dojo's Youth Athlete Development Program is the solution.

How Is Our FitRanX Elite Competition Program Different?

FitRanX Ranking Chart at Summit Fit DojoSee, we are apart of a revolutionary fitness ranking system that has standardized and simplified fitness testing called FitRanX.  You may have heard of the Nike Sparq Rating or other gimmick-like athletic ranking systems.  But, they are TOO complicated to understand or simply outdated! When you're training for performance telling someone you're ranked at 272.289 means nothing, right. But, what if we told you that there is something better... If you're a FitRanX Level 3, this is more tangible and comprehensive. Let's explain this a bit more. The FitRanX Ranking System has 8 unique fitness levels, with each level building off of each other.  Each level has a variety of fitness components that will test your strength and conditioning -- along with your endurance and explosiveness, all in one test.  An athlete will need to perform a certain exercise using different muscle groups with some variables such as repetitions, weight, time, or a combination of them all.  From there, the athlete only gets 1 minute rest in between each exercise, which really affects the athlete as the test continues and / or go up in Rank. Krystal L. FitRanX Level 4 at Summit Fit DojoKeep in mind, all exercises must be performed with perfect form and execution in order to successfully pass a given exercise.  If the form is broken or improper, the athlete does not pass, and must retest at a later date. What does this teach? Tenacity.  Dedication.  Perseverance.  Mental Toughness. Physical Readiness. And much more...

Promote Your Training Success

Most, if not all, Colorado Shine Basketball players are on iAthletePromotions.  If you are not, well, you're missing out on adding value to your digital resume for potential recruitment by top level universities and colleges. When an athlete takes a FitRanX test, it will be recorded, posted on, and attached to your iAthletePromotions profile.  So, when a top level college is wanting to see what MAKES you different from the other recruits, they will see your strength and conditioning FitRanX test and realize your potential and dedication to competing with the best.

Summit Fit Dojo Nutritional Coaching

Summit Fit Dojo Nutrition ShakeWhen you join Summit Fit Dojo's FitRanX Elite Competition Program, you will also get exclusive access to your nutritional coaching, along with nutrition guides, food logs, shopping list, and much more. You're probably thinking, "I don't need help with my eating!" Really? Do you honestly think elite athletes eat garbage? How do you think some professional basketball players are able to endure 10 to 15 years of elite competition?  It's not just their training or skill.  It's also their diet.  What they fuel their body with. By fueling the body with proper carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and nutrients, you will be able to stay focused longer, practice and compete more consistently, and allow the body to recover and prepare for battle again, and again, and again... And no, Gatorade is not a source of fuel. Trust us.  Our Nutritional Coaching is just as important, if not more important, for athletes with aspirations of competing at an elite level. We tell all of our Summit Fit Dojo members this saying:

"You Can't Out Train A Bad Diet"

What Is The FitRanX Results?

Summit Fit Dojo Coaches With New FitRanX CertsA well balanced athlete that is more prepared then their opponents. Don't believe us...? Let us explain more. There is something that is extremely common about athletes.  They basically ALL do the SAME type of training for any given sport.  We can guarantee it.  However, an elite athlete is doing something different then the average athlete competing with other top level athletes.  They are taking their training to the next level.  They are doing things that other athletes ARE NOT doing.  Elite athletes are cross-training.  They are developing muscle groups that are sustainable for tough moments.  They are prepared for the unexpected.  They demonstrate a high level of tenacity, mental toughness, physical readiness, etc.  The only reason they are elite is because their training is elite. See, what Coach Javier said as a Professional fighter, during his training days. "I dreaded working out.  I did not like putting myself in that type of physical exhaustion.  But, I knew that my opponents weren't doing what I was doing.  They weren't training at the level I was training.  I knew if I developed a cross-training system that delivered I would outperform my competition, and that's exactly what I did." If you...
  • Train harder then your opponent
  • Execute better then your opponent
  • Perform better then your opponent
  • Win better then your opponent
  Then you will eventually...
  • Become elite.
  • Be in a class of your own.
  • Be different.
  • Become special.
  • Be unique.
  But, if you keep doing the same thing expecting different results.  There is a word for that... Insanity.

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