Did you know your body can reach a plateau and no longer get a benefit in your weight and cardio training? Don't let your body reach a steady state of NOTHING.  Try something new. Summit Fit Dojo offers a great fitness program that ALWAYS changes up our workouts. For instance we have a Fitness KickBoxing program where you will punch and kick a free-standing bag for 10 rounds.  And, in between each round you do a set of calisthenics.  Not only will you get an AMAZING workout, but you'll also learn some great self-defense moves that you can easily apply anywhere... Our Kick Boxing classes are also a good way to get back into shape.  Each round is not based on the amount of combinations you throw, rather a set amount of time.  That way, our novices can pace themselves, while our intermediate and advanced students can pick up the pace and go a little harder or more intense. Oh, and did we mention you'll be fighting to some great top 40 hits of music...  yep, we want you to be motivated to train hard. So the next time you're looking to add a little more variety to your exercise routine, or you just need some weight loss, muscle toning, body sculpting boost, try our Fitness Kickboxing sessions.  You're bound to have some fun, and get into shape... Javier

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