Training In a Fitness Boot Camp can also increase your conditioning and cardio. By working those large muscle groups, such as the quads, hamstrings, gluts, and cavs, you are getting more oxygen to those muscles... which works the heart more because it needs to pump more blood down there.

Cardio training builds a healthier and stronger heart.

Summit Fit Dojo has one of the best Cardio workouts you can experience while trying to get back into shape.  Our Summit Fit Dojo Boot Camp will take you through 20 minutes of leg throbbing, heart pumping, almost complete exhaustion... but at the end you'll feel great! :) We take some of the revolutionary workouts that professional athletes use, and apply them to our Fitness Boot Camps because they give you results. Some days we'll simply do a 20 minute steady state run... while other days we'll do 5 minutes of interval training, where you are working explosive exercises, than back to a steady state run. Why? Well, after a good interval workout that lasts between 5-10 minutes, your body will burn more calories 24-36 hours AFTER the workout.  No joke.  Now you know why we thrive off of having a good conditioning exercise at the end of each session.

Would You Have Learned That From Tammy At Your Gym?

Want to find out more about Summit Fit Dojo?  Well, first of all, we're servicing all residents in the Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and Erie area.  Including some north metro Denver residents. But, what you should know is that you get 21 Days of Fitness Training For ONLY $21 to try out our fitness program!  We want to make sure you actually ENJOY the workouts because our program isn't designed for everyone. So give us a call at 303-920-9747 to learn more about Summit Fit Dojo or fill out the form on the top right of this page. Until Next Time! Coach Javier

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