Foam rolling isn't this new, novel, heath concept that was created last year.  Foam rolling has actually been around for quite some time, and has been used by many endurance athletes, fitness professionals, and individuals trying to extend their health and improve their muscle recovery. Foam rolling can be looked at as a form of therapy, such as deep tissue massages from a massage therapist.

Why You Should Incorporate Foam Rolling To Your Fitness Training?

  1. Improved Blood Circulation - By having your blood flow into your muscles, skin, fascia tissues, tendons and ligaments it will help send proper nutrients and oxygen throughout your body -- down to the cellular level.  In addition, it will remove any wastes and unused nutrients (through the same system) leading to overall cellular function and stronger lungs, heart, and blood vessels.
  2. Longer Muscles, Ligaments, & Tendons - Over time, it's natural for the muscles to get shorter, and the ligaments & tendons to get tighter through fitness training, physical activity, or simply normal daily living.  The result can be painful, dangerous, and difficult to stretch.  Tight muscles, ligaments and tendons will limit your true full range of motion and possibly add unnatural curves in your body, such as curved neck or spine -- in the wrong direction.  Foam rolling will allow you to reach problem areas to prevent these injuries to compound over time.  Plus, it can reach some areas that a massage therapist my not be able to work.
  3. Optimal Range Of Spinal Motion - Though some people believe chiropractors are a bunch of quakes, the one thing they are consistent about is the health of your spinal cord.  By having a healthy spine, the body can naturally "fix" itself.  Having a full range of motion in the spine allows for the nervous system to operate efficiently and fire certain nervous to do it's normal function -- such as walking, running, itching, moving, or simply sitting correctly.

Are Foam Rollers Expensive?

Absolutely not!  You can easily find one of these products on Amazon for roughly $40 or less and if you use them regularly, it will take a long time for the foam to breakdown. Here's our recommendation for a foam roller you should use at home.  It's called Trigger Point The Grid.  The little groves on the foam roller gives you different results depending on your needs, and there is a hollow, high quality tube, which prevents it from breaking down quicker. At Summit Fit Dojo, our personal training clients are educated how to use a foam roller after every workout and sometimes used as a warmup tool.  To learn more about our fitness programs at Summit Fit Dojo, call 303-920-9747 or simply fill out the form on the top right of this page to get more health & fitness information.

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