Many times, my personal training clients show me a picture of a movie star, athlete, or image of the perfect butt they desire, and they tell me this is what they want. Yes, it does sound superficial at times, however, that is the desire of some clients, and as a professional personal trainer, I need to make sure I help them achieve their goals -- within reason of course. Helping my clients achieve a perfectly rounded butt is quite frankly easy, but requires a lot of work too. But, before I get into this, let me explain something.  Some people are blessed with the proper genetics, thus making it easier to achieve a rounded butt.  However, if you are not blessed with the genetics, your mileage may vary.  At the very least, you'll have a nicely toned, sculpted, and lean glutes.

Squats, Squats, Then More Squats

First of all, this is the most fundamental movement for the human body.  If you are not able to perform a proper squat, then you will need to practice the range of motion in order to have an opportunity to sculpt your way to a rounded butt. When we work with our clients in a personal training session, we first teach them the proper movements of a squat and how to perform them because once we add resistance, if the form is incorrect, injury is bound to happen. After that we begin to make the movement more difficult by either adding more resistance and / or making the client go further down. The key thing to realize is that if you simply do the stair master, elliptical, or some other machine that "supposedly" work the glutes, you are missing out on the power of a traditional barbell squat. Traditional barbell squats basically means the barbell sits on the back of your upper back and shoulders, while you hold it with your hands.  When adding resistance that is challenging, yet not impossible, and doing betwee 8 to 12 reps in 3 to 4 sets, you will begin to feel the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and inner thighs working together as one.  You'll feel the burn! Do squat exercises on your leg days 2-3 days per week and you'll start seeing a firmer, more toned, sculpted, and rounded butt in 12 weeks or less.

Are There Squat Variations?

Another way to improve your rounded butt is to do front squats with either kettlebells in the racked position or dumbbells in the racked position and squatting on to a 12 inch box.  By going lower you begin to activate the entire glutes and hamstrings, which run inline with each other. Some other variations could be a barbell squat followed by an explosive burst and jump at the top. What does this do? Well, the controlled motion of going down to the squat position is a concentric movement which engages the major muscle groups mentioned above.  Then, when you burst up and jump, you are practicing the eccentric movement but in a manner that stimulates and fatigues the muscle fibers even more so.  And, when you stimulate other muscle fibers when training, you begin to get better results.  Plus, any type of "bursting" motion will essentially require more strength to perform.

Won't I Get Bulky Doing A Ton Of Squats?

This is the most common question, concern, and comment from new personal training clients training at Summit Fit Dojo.  And, the common answers is no.  If you are a female, you do not produce enough testosterone to make you "bulky".  It's impossible.  It's scientifically proven.  It's a fact. Look at Jessica Biel's rounded butt.  Do you think she achieved that by running 10 miles, getting on the elliptical for 45 minutes, and climbing stairs for 30 minutes 5 times a day? NO! She incorporates proper strength training using enough resistance in the manner mentioned above. Granted I'm sure she also runs, but that's not he majority of her training. If you're looking for a professional personal training studio that delivers GUARANTEED results, call Summit Fit Dojo and setup a free consultation.  That way we can evaluate your goals and make sure we make you a fitness success.

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