Every person has seen healthy and not so healthy times throughout his or her life. It seems that everyone is always on one mission…to get healthy. “Where is this healthy and how do I get there, ” is all we seem to ask ourselves. While everyone out there is fighting distinct health-related battles, I think it’s important for us all to come to one realization about our health goals: Health is a dynamic state of being, not a static one. You can visualize it like the line graphs that represent stock prices: constantly moving up and down with the slightest external input. This means that, unlike most people seem to believe, healthy isn’t a place you arrive at serendipitously in life, celebrate your victory, and then move on. Each and every decision you make effects your health either negatively or positively and you have to constantly weigh the costs and benefits of your choices. You have to work to get there. And then you have to work to stay there. Through this three-part blog, I am going to attempt to explain this new way of thinking of health, and provide a rough How-To Guide on getting there.

Part One: First Realize You’re Not There

Being in the “State of Healthy”, for most people, means first realizing that you are not there. It’s easy to think that things aren’t that bad—that although your joints ache and you’re ONLY 25 pounds overweight—you aren’t in terrible shape and your above average HDL levels are just a part of your genetic code So. Wrong. The truth about situations like these is bi-fold. The fact is, high cholesterol, carrying a significant amount of extra weight on your belly, along with all of our various other ailments as a culture, ARE a big deal. These conditions are dangerous not only to our physical well being, but emotional as well. They are the things that prevent us from being our best selves and reaching those goals that we never thought to be attainable. We must recognize this truth and embrace it as the first step in our journey to health. Portia Before & After at Summit Fit Dojo I learned this first lesson myself for the first time back in late 2008. After having been overweight and under-confident for as long as I could remember, the surprises of that Fall’s semester were too much to handle and I found myself beginning 2009 as a 205-lb, 23 year-old college senior suffering from constant migraines, joint pain, bronchial issues, lack of energy, and a debilitating bout of depression that threatened my graduation date. For months I barely got out of bed, missing classes, getting extremely behind in even my favorite of them. When I did make it to campus, I could almost always be found in “comfy clothes” looking a mess. Even my apartment became cluttered with mess, which I repeatedly told myself I would clean up later but never did. I didn’t spend time with friends. I became a lump on the couch feeling as if even the simple task of taking a shower and getting ready to do anything was just too heavy of a burden. My older brother began to call me Eeyore. It was a big deal…I was completely out of shape in every way I could imagine. I was not and had not, for a very long time, if ever, been in that ever-sought-after and revered “State of Healthy,” and to make matters worse, I had no clue how to or if I even could accomplish arriving there! Portia Willy is the guest blog writer for this 3 part post.  She is writing from experience, challenges, and successes she has had with her weight journey.  She is also a member and walking testament of Summit Fit Dojo's Small Group Personal Training program.  Portia is a certified personal trainer and coach at Summit Fit Dojo.

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