We love it when people are ambitious... But, sometimes, they are just not Attainable! When setting fitness and weight lose goals, you need to make sure it is an attainable goal. For instance, losing 50 pounds could be an Attainable goal... however, that's a big number. A better way to look at losing weight is through the old saying: "you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time." The same goes when you're setting goals for losing weight and getting in shape.  Make sure they are Attainable, but than break down the goal into smaller steps. One way of doing that is having a weekly goal of losing 1-2 pounds per week.  That is a very Attainable goal to do, when you combine good exercise habits, as well as complimenting it with a great nutrition plan. You are than bound to achieve your goal within 1 year, which is a healthy way of losing weight. Summit Fit Dojo has the best Small Group Personal Training program that is designed to help you meet Attainable goals of weight lose and fitness. Why? Because we put you on a fitness and nutrition program that challenges you.  We hold you accountable too. And, when you can get better results by training in our Small Group Personal Training sessions than going to a big boxed gym, it's almost a no brainer to join Summit Fit Dojo's Personal Training Program. More importantly, though, our fitness programs are fun.  You'll get a great workout, get in shape, meet new people, and just have fun! To learn more about Summit Fit Dojo, call 303-920-9747 or fill out the form on the right of this page. Until Next Time! Coach Javier

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