Summit Fit Dojo will launch a new time slot starting in April 2010. Fitness Boot Camp Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer, Javier Lozano, Jr. is the owner and Chief Instructor of Summit Fit Dojo. A premier fitness school serving residents in the Westminster, Broomfield, Erie, and Thornton area. "Many of the parents at our school have been requesting an evening Fitness Boot Camp, and we were just having trouble fitting it into the schedule" says Javier. "But we made a few adjustments, and were able to find a time slot." The new time slot will start on April 13th from 8:00pm to 8:45pm, and take place every Tuesdays and Thursdays for a 4 week session. Their fitness program is licensed with Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp Fitness Program (TM), and it has been taking the country by storm. Founder and National Director, Michael D. Massie is the creator of the F2 Fitness Boot Camp, and has been in the martial arts and fitness industry for over 25 years. He designed this boot camp with the mind-set of getting the best results in a short period of time.

What makes Summit Fit Dojo so different?

Where do we start! For starters, Summit Fit Dojo training sessions are led by Javier Lozano, Jr., a former World Champion fighter and Certified Personal Trainer. He has a solid understanding of how the muscles work, and what types of exercises will deliver results to help build lean and toned muscles. He has also trained in the martial arts for 20 years and continues to train regularly. Under his watchful supervision, he coaches and encourages you from the beginning to the end, and takes a passion in helping you meet your fitness goals. Javier also uses an accountability system in all of his boot camps and demands only the best effort from everyone. But still encourages people to have fun. The next thing that sets Summit Fit Dojo a notch ahead from other boot camps is their actual program. They constantly use muscle confusion during every session. Meaning, their exercises are never the same, therefore the body can not adapt and plateau. "Every time you come to class, we have a new workout" says Javier. "Even though it may be working the same muscle groups, the actual workout is different, and it can get other smaller muscle groups involved. Let's face it, variety is the spice of life, and exercising is no different." Javier has incorporated exercises that use body-weight resistant, medicine balls, resistant bands, kettlebells, and sandbags, just to name a few. By using all of these training tools, equipment, and more, boot campers never know what the next exercise will be.

Interval & Cardio Fitness Training

They also use interval training during the cardio portion of their workouts. Basically, this involves you performing short bursts of exercises for a short period of time, then recover quickly. The beauty of interval training is that you will continue to burn calories 24-36 hours AFTER your workout.

Lifestyle Changes, From The Inside Out

However, probably the biggest difference that sets the Summit Fit Dojo Boot Camp Program apart from the pack is their unique and powerful nutrition guide. "Our motto is, 'you can not out train a bad diet.' I make sure to tell everyone that joins our boot camp to follow the guide because they will see results within 4 weeks. If they do not follow our nutrition plan, they will not see the results that others have experienced" says Javier. The best part, they do not charge extra for the nutrition plan. This is apart of your membership when training at Summit Fit Dojo!

Are you curious to see how great Summit Fit Dojo really is?

Javier allows everyone to try 2 FREE weeks of classes before enrolling in fitness program. However, he highly recommends you take advantage of this now because class sizes are limited to 20 per session. To learn more about Summit Fit Dojo call us at: 720-248-0449.

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