Summit Fit Dojo has started a Fitness Boot Camp Challenge for clients & residents of Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and Erie, Colorado. What that means is you will have the opportunity to earn a FREE month of training in our Summit Fit Dojo Boot Camp Program, if you become one of the people that loses the most percentage of body weight in 30 days. That's right.  We'll give you 1 FREE month of exercise and training in our proven fitness program... But... There's a catch... You have to follow EXACTLY how our Summit Fit Dojo Fitness Boot Camp Program is designed, including attending a minimum of 3 boot camp sessions per week, exercising on your own during off days, AND (the most important part) following our nutrition plan. Sound to demanding?

  • How does losing 5 pounds or 1 dress size/pant size in 30 days sound to you?
  • How does feeling more confident about yourself sound to you?
  • How does having more energy sound to you?
  • How does having a healthier lifestyle sound to you?
All sound OK...? Than, our Fitness Boot Camp Challenge should be easy... if you REALLY want it. Here's how it works. Starting April 12th, we will offer 4 Fitness Boot Camp sessions per week: Mondays / Wednesdays at 5:30 AM and Tuesdays / Thursdays at 8:00 PM. If you attend a minimum of 3 sessions week, than you get to stay in the race. In addition, all boot campers will be required to follow our powerful, easy to comply, and uniquely designed nutrition guide.  Our nutrition plan has been created to help you lose those extra pounds because our motto here is:

"You Can't Out Train A Bad Diet"

If you follow all of the nutrition plan, and journal them in our useful fitness and nutrition journal, AND you happen to be the person that loses the most weight in 30 days... You win a FREE month of fitness training. Are you interested in signing up? Give us a call at 720-248-0449 today

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