Here is an example of our Summit Fit Dojo Boot Campers getting immediate results in simply 4 weeks of training hard, following our nutrition plan, and having fun. To the right is Sheri's results. The first set of numbers are from the week 1, while the 2nd set of numbers are from week 4. She's going to continue her training too because she's PROUD of her results!!! Notice that Sheri improved her 2 minute push-ups from only performing 8 to improving it by nearly 1 1/2 times to 22 push-ups in 2 minutes. Now, just wait until you see what happens in another 4 weeks... The next one is from Marival... She's already making a lifestyle change by training on her boot camp off days, eating healthy and getting her boyfriend to participate in the sessions too. This has not become a family change, rather than an individual goal.   Finally, we have Heather, who has a made a lifestyle change by joining our Family Martial Arts program with her son and significant other. So, she's been training pretty hard in our classes, but wanted to get back into running shape for the Summer. Pretty amazing stuff... Oh, and by the way, those push up aren't a mistake... she cranked those numbers out.

Always Getting Results

See, it's VERY normal for our clients to get results from pounds washed away to inches melting off.  What's better is that they are improving their overall health by following proper nutrition and training regularly. As stated throughout our website, we guarantee that you'll loose 5 pounds and / or 1 pant size in 30 days, or you train for free until you do.  Now, not all of us needs to lose weight, so if you're simply looking to getting into better shape, our program is perfect for you!  

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