We've got more testimonials from our Summit Fit Dojo boot campers from getting amazing results. The average amount of weight these ladies are losing is about 4 lbs in 4 weeks... the healthy way. However, we've had these ladies lose approximately 2-4 inches on their waist, hips, and thighs by simply following our workout plan and nutrition program. Those companies that say you can lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks... though it may be possible, your biggest concern should be whether it's healthy... Losing weight is great. It's motivating, builds confidence, and makes you healthier. However, it's not worth the cost of your future health. So, when you're looking for a fitness program that guarantees results, make sure it's healthy. Interested in joining our fitness boot camp programs...? Go to Summit Fit Dojo to learn more and get signed up. We want to help you feel better about yourself.

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