Are you ready to TRANSFORM your body in 6 weeks??? I know we’ve been talking about this topic over the past few weeks, but we’ve been waiting for the right moment to launch our latest fitness boot camp contest. And, many of you know that we are getting featured on this Tuesday, June 14th as a daily deal for the Broomfield / Westminster area. With that said, we wanted to debut our latest contest. For some of you that didn’t know, we’ve held contests in the past that lasted between 4 and 8 weeks. Since so many people get great results in our fitness classes, we would give CASH as a prize to our contest winners.  Not a bad thing to win, when your clothes no longer fits and you need a new wardrobe! Our latest Fitness Boot Camp Contest will earn you 50% off one month of training at Summit Fit Dojo and a FREE 60 minute massage with a great massage therapist. However, this Fitness Contest rules will be different.  It will not solely be based on weight loss or inches dropped.

Our Boot Camp Contest will be based on a point system

Example: Every boot camp session you attend, you earn 1 point.  If you write a review about us, you earn 5 points.  If you tweet or Facebook us, you earn 2 points. Simple, right? Well, it is… but there are OTHER ways to earn points too. The person with the MOST points at the end of our 6 week contest will be the winner. But, you have to be COMMITTED. Everyone that is a member of Summit Fit Dojo is eligible to participate in this contest. Signup for our fitness classes and find out how you can win a FREE 60 minute massage…

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