Every now and then we like to post our workouts on our blog to let people know what what we do in our program, and to remind others how awesome they trained the night before. Tonight we did what’s called the Burn Out! It was designed as followed: 90 seconds on / 30 seconds off / 3 rounds

  • 90 Seconds – Medicine ball burpees
  • 90 Seconds – Jump Squats
  • 90 Seconds – Superman’s
  • 90 Seconds – Tricep Dips
Each round our fitness clients needed to improve their repetitions from the previous round.  For instance, if you did 12 Medicine Ball Burpees, then your goal is to do 13 or 14 in the next round… At the end of the 3 rounds, we did 5 minutes of continuous cone ladders, where you run up to certain cones by going forward or side ways. And… at the end of fitness class we gave our rules to the Fitness Boot Camp Contest. Make sure you drop in this week because we start the challenge on Monday, June 20th. See you guys later! Coach Javier

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