What is a warrior? Well, according to Wikipedia.com, a warrior is a person skilled in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior class. However, according to Personal Fitness Director Lynn Voorhees, a warrior is the heart, soul, and determination found in each member of Summit Fit Dojo. On Saturday August 18th, and Sunday August 19th, several members of Summit Fit Dojo, along with family and friends, set out onto the battlefield, to compete in the worlds largest running series, "The Warrior Dash". Collectively, a group of ten Summit Fit Dojo members traveled the long road up I-70 to Copper Mountain, to participate in a 5K obstacle course and mud run. They scaled walls, ran up the side of mountain terrain, leaped over fire, and dove into a mud pit covered with barbed wire, all to claim the title of the Ultimate Warrior! While most of the Summit Fit Dojo warriors have been in training for more than a year, some were just two months into training when diving into this challenge. The daily workouts and camaraderie experienced at Summit Fit Dojo aided the warriors to complete the Warrior Dash successfully, with a huge sense of accomplishment...and even a warrior battle cry! What's next for this clan of warriors? They will grow up to be spartans, competing in the Spartan Sprint in May 2013. And of course, they will return to the Warrior Dash next August, to reclaim victory, and perhaps even beat this year's time! Register prior to August 30th, 2012, and receive 50% of the registration fee.   To receive more information about Summit Fit Dojo, and the warrior ready workouts that are completed daily, please call 303-920-9747 or send an email to info@summitfitdojo.com.

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