On Saturday September 22nd 2012, five members of Summit Fit Dojo got “down and dirty”, participating in the 2012 Dirty Girl Run, a mud run and obstacle course designed for women of all ages and athletic abilities. The Dirty Girl promises excitement, laughter, and camaraderie, so members of Summit Fit Dojo traveled to May Farms in Byers Colorado to participate and find out for themselves if the promise was true.   The obstacle course included challenges such as “H2OMG”, a muddy water pit which most participants conquered by way of hands and knees, a cargo net climb known as “Get a Grip”, and who could forget “PMS” or pretty muddy stuff.  Seriously….who doesn’t love army crawling through thick black mud?   The highlight of each obstacle was seeing everyone come together and have fun, while helping others to keep pressing on.  For some participants the Dirty Girl was a first, while for others it may have been a 101st, but one would never know the difference between the two on this day. After crossing the finish line there was still more excitement to be had.  There was live music, good food and drinks, and of course…..laughter and camaraderie.   At the end of the event the Dirty Girl promise held true!  A good time was had by all that participated in the event. Dirty Girl 2013 is already in the works for the weekend of September 14th!   Register prior to Monday November 5, 2012 and receive $10.00 off registration. Click here for more details.     To receive more information about Summit Fit Dojo, and the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that is experienced in the daily workouts, please call (720) 248-0449 or send an email to Lynn@TheDojoOfKarate.com.

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