Westminster Fitness Boot Camp Weight Loss GuaranteeOur Westminster Fitness Boot Camp provides you with the opportunity to lose up to as much as 10 pounds in just 30 days. That’s our guarantee at Summit Fit Dojo, which serves the Westminster, Colorado, area. Losing weight is not just about regular exercise; while that is important, incorporating a nutritious diet goes hand-in-hand with making sure that you see weight loss results…guaranteed. Run by the husband-and-wife team of Javier Lozano Jr. and Susan Lozano, the Summit Fit Dojo promises that you will either see a loss of 10 pounds in a month or one whole pant or dress size in that specific frame of time, if you stick to its program to a tee. You have nothing to lose! Simply sign up with our workout/weight loss plan, make a commitment to it, and then watch your body fat drop…it is that straightforward. What sets us apart from other ordinary fitness boot camps in Westminster CO is that this is a win-win situation for you. Even if for some reason you do not reach your fitness objectives within the frame of time, you are allowed to train for free until you get to your fitness goals. You are losing by not signing up to our 30-day guarantee workout plan. Finally, Too many people neglect their diet when they are regularly working out, and then they complain that they fail to see results! At this Westminster Fitness Boot Camp, we put an emphasis on eating nutritiously, which is why we design a customized nutritional plan for all of our clients as they are training three to four days a week under our guidance. If you want a better, healthier body and efficient results, come see us at Summit Fit Dojo today. You’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll also be proud of yourself.

Westminster Fitness Boot Camp Risk Free Guarantee

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