Healthy habits can never start too early.  That is why we offer Family Fitness classes for parents and children ages five and older on the first Saturday of each month.   Family Fitness classes provide an opportunity for parents and children to get fit together in a fun and safe environment.  The workouts are designed to accommodate any fitness level, and can offer a good challenge, a good deal of fun, or both!   Children and teens should not see exercise as a chore, but as something they enjoy doing each day.  It can be in the form of a game or a sport.   At Summit Fit Dojo the Family Fitness workouts are game oriented and fast paced so there is not time for boredom. Families have fun performing exercises such as shark squats, jumping jacks around the world, lunging moonwalks, and more.  We even provide a little bit of healthy competition with the occasional relay race, adults against children of course.  To date the record is children 3, adults ZERO!   If you are looking for a way to introduce you child or teen to fitness, or for an opportunity to mix things up a bit in your current family fitness routine, give our workouts a try.   Family Fitness classes are offered on the first Saturday of each month from 9am to 10am.  We ask that one child age five or older attend with one adult.   So what are you waiting for? Classes fill up quickly so don’t delay.  Load up the family and head to Summit Fit Dojo!  

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