Summit Fit Dojo Fitness BootcampMany people are hearing more and more about Fitness Boot Camps. They are popping up left and right! If you didn’t know, a fitness boot camp is a military type of physical fitness training program that is conducted by a personal trainer, gyms, or military personal. Fitness boot camps combine multiple types of exercises such as strength training, running, conditioning, interval training, by using body weight exercises, weights, resistances, and other types of tools. A typical boot camper (or athletes) is trained to exercise large or compound muscle groups during every workout. That way, a client will gain stronger core muscles, develop lean muscles along the arms, abs, and legs, and improve their cardiovascular conditioning. However, keep in mind that boot camps are not made for everyone. Many people really enjoy the fitness boot camp format because clients get results quickly, in a shorter amount of time because of the higher workout intensity. While others do not like the format of boot camp sessions because they do not like to be pushed beyond their comfort zone. USA Today recently did a report about fitness boot camps and the amount of calories a client can lose in a training session. Based on a 175 pound person, they can burn nearly 500 calories during a 45 minute boot camp session, compared to less then 200 calories with moderate weight lifting or walking. At Summit Fit Dojo, we like to make sessions unique and different every single time you attend, so that your body doesn’t hit a plateau and so you do not get bored with mundane workouts. If you would like to learn more about our Small Group Fitness Boot Camps, please fill out the form on the right side of the page and/or call us at: 720.248.0449 and a representative will be more then happy to assist you.

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