Broomfield Fitness Classes - Strength and Core Training It's no coincidence that your abs could look like this, if you focused on strength and core training. Did you know that exercises that develop strength and core muscles isn’t a fade, rather two of the oldest forms of fitness? Then again, everything that’s old is new again… Many people tend to have a common misperception about strength training by envisioning a sweaty, man grunting, while trying to finish 1 more rep during a bench press. Though this may be a common stereotype, strength training is extremely important because it develops more muscles, which will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. They typical recommendation by government standards is that adults do strength training exercises and activities at a moderate to high-intensity a minimum of twice a week. Studies also show that strength training can help develop healthier and stronger bones, reduce risk of injury, boost stamina, and sharpen one’s focus. As for core training goes, many Westminster CO Fitness gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, and fitness boot camps, incorporate unique and specific core training exercises throughout their sessions. When adults develop the core muscle groups, it can improve one’s appearance around the mid-section, protect one’s back from injury or strains, and strengthen the spine, which will automatically improve one’s posture. If you are looking to develop your core muscles and gain lean muscles through strength training then Summit Fit Dojo has a great program designed to give you a maximum workout in an efficient amount of time. To learn more about our Small Group Fitness classes, please fill out the form at the bottom or on the top right hand side of this page, and/or call us at 720.248.0449.

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