Caveman Diet | Paleo Diet It sounds weird, but following a Caveman Diet will give you the lean, toned, sexy look, you're looking... And, you don't need to look like this guy! So, at Summit Fit Dojo, we have a saying…

You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet

And, if you think you can… well you’re out of luck. People that do not follow proper nutritional eating habits never reach their fitness goals of losing weight and getting in shape. In addition, when you’re trying to workout, you’re gonna get burned out quicker then you expect because the way you fuel your body will determine how you perform during the workout. Don’t believe us…?

Look at professional athletes

A great example is NFL All-Pro and future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez. He use to live the lifestyle of a typical teenager, eating fatty foods such as cheeseburgers, hot wings, pizzas,etc. When he changed his diet to a more sound and balanced diet, his performance on the Football field got better. And, his recovery period increased. Check out this link about Tony Gonzalez and his new book. When you become a new athlete at Summit Fit Dojo, you are put on a Basic Nutritional Guide that teaches you how to eat properly and make a “lifestyle change”. Once you’ve proven that you can actually make lifestyle changes in your diet, and you are getting results from your training and new diet, we can put athletes on to a more challenging diet that gives you more results. We call it our Advanced Nutritional Program, while the public knows about it as the "Caveman Diet". Basically it’s what the hunters / gathers use to eat when they were roaming earth. In today’s terminology it’s known as the Paleolithic Diet. We could go on forever about the Paleo Diet and how beneficial it is to one’s health, but we're simply going to go over the diet with a quick overview of things you CAN eat while following the caveman diet.

What You Can Eat During Paleo

Meats and Eggs – anything that is a low-fat type of meat, including seafood. If it’s a grazing type of animal, then they should be free-range chicken, cattle, pig, etc. that is not injected with other hormones. As for fish, we want to make sure that they are wild caught fish or eat a wild lifestyle type of diet. Vegetables — this is HIGHLY encouraged by Paleo Diet followers. Practically any type of veggie is good, expect the ones that are high in starch, such as potatoes and yams. A good rule of thumb is if you can eat it raw you should eat it.  Now this doesn't apply to ALL vegetables, but it's a starting point. Fruits — this natural source of energy and sugar are encouraged, but as anything that is sweet, it should be in moderation. If you are REALLY looking to losing weight, then stay away from the fruits that have a higher sugar/sweet content known as High Glycemic Index. Otherwise, fruit in general is fair game. Nuts & Seeds — generally speaking, nuts and seeds are a great source of energy and protein. However, this fatty type of food must be eaten in moderation. Typically, you want to go after the RAW type of nuts that are not roasted, salted, or altered. The goal is to keep them in it’s natural state. Now, there are a few different nuts one should avoid, but we will save that for next time. Oils — oils are great for the skin, hair, digestive system, and joints, but like any fatty type of food, it must be consumed in moderation. The best oils to us are olive oil, nuts oil, and flax seeds oil. Canola oil is OK too, but try to avoid if possible. Beverages — typically, you should ONLY have water. Some people are OK with Paleo clients to have black coffee and unsweet tea. Anything else should be avoided. Well, there you have it. A basic overview of things to eat while following the Paleo Diet. Next time I’ll write about things not to eat during the Paleo diet. To learn more about our Group Fitness Classes, visit Summit Fit Dojo's website, and fill out the form on the top right. Or just give us a call at: 720-248-0449.

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