Where do these fitness myths come from?  Is there some sort of “urban legend”? Or do people just make them up. While we may not be able to tell you where some fitness myths come from, we can tell you that some fitness myths are simply misunderstandings of health and wellness. We are here to help clear things up about what is truth, and what is fiction. Fitness Myth #4: Lifting weights will make you look like a man. Javier Lozano, Jr is the Head Fitness Instructor at Summit Fit Dojo, and he talks to many newbies over the phone, via email and other outlets, and they want to lose weight, but not get “muscular” or “cut”. Well, here’s a fact that you CAN take to the bank. Women have nowhere near the amount of testosterone as men do, so there is truly no way for a woman to get “muscular”… unless they are on some sort of human growth hormones. Now, as I mentioned in Fitness Myth #1, everyone’s body is designed differently. Therefore, what works for one person may not work for another person. Same goes with men and women. Women have a higher amount of estrogen, while men don’t. And, men have a higher amount of testosterone, while women don’t. In a nut shell, testosterone is what makes a person look “ripped”, “bulky”, or very “muscular”. Women will basically develop the opposite, but if they follow a proper nutrition, and workout regularly, they will gain a lean and toned look that is healthy and very attractive. To learn more about our Broomfield Fitness Classes, please fill out the form at the bottom or top right side of this page, and/or give us a call at 720-248-0449 and a representative will be more then happy to help answer your questions or get you setup with 2 FREE weeks of fitness training.

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