Westminster Fitness Class | Functional Body Training Even a child has better functional body movements then most adults... Functional body training, as defined by Wikipedia is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. Basically, the normal movements you perform in your day-to-day life, is the essence of functional body training. Functional body training is a must if you want to keep from depending on others for your needs, and live to complete your goals in life. This type of training focuses on strengthening the large muscle groups needed to complete the usual tasks of daily living.  From squats, to presses, situps, and other exercises, functional body training can be as simple or complex when moving the body. This type of training could also be used to condition you for a certain task or daily routines that you may need to do specifically, such as a movement skill needed for their occupation. A good fitness program or Westminster Fitness Class can accommodate this need by simply creating a workout program designed to help you with your core muscle groups. Some of the benefits of functional body training follow:

  1. A good prevention tool against injury or falling. Whether you stay at home, go to work or are involved in sports, functional body training may be the difference between being injured from a simple accident to being strong and balanced enough to avoid a fall or injury.
  2. Greatly improves your quality of life and endurance. It is the "can do" of life activities. It is worthwhile to fit in a Westminster Fitness Class or a fitness program. When your body is optimally strong and your muscles are working together correctly you will complete your tasks and duties in a more accelerated and agile fashion, while using less effort.
  3. This type of training is a part of rehabilitation after injury or illness. It can be designed to improve movement in the area you injured or to retrain you to resume the activities of normal life -- walking jogging, going up stairs, chasing your kids, etc.
  4. Exercise is actually enjoyable after you acclimate yourself to it. Exercise can ramp up your spirit and encourage you as you become stronger and confident that you are able to do the things you need and want to do. Your freedom brings joy to your inner being as you work your body.
  5. Your physical appearance to yourself and others will change and improve. You will stand taller and straighter,  and radiate confidence in yourself. You may even receive opportunities that you would have not otherwise received or taken because of your new gained confidence physical fitness level.
Taking a Westminster Fitness Class or being a part of a fitness program is well worth the effort when your abilities for daily living depend on it. The benefits of functional body training far outweigh the time and effort expended to accomplish your goals. Everyone wants to be independently strong and able to do what they want in an effortless fashion free from stress or fear. Exercise your way to health and happiness starting today. To learn more about Summit Fit Dojo's Westminster Fitness Classes, contact them at: 720-248-0449 or simply fill out the form on the top right, or bottom of this page.

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