Westminster Fitness Boot Camp Weight Loss Guarantee Success is 90% attitude. Having the mental strength to keep pushing through will help you to achieve the results you are looking for. I recently had a conversation with someone who is frustrated because they are not getting the results they want from their workout routine.  This individual has tried all types of different workouts, including recreation centers, high priced gyms, personal trainers, and more. One of the comments shared was that they have been working out two or three times per week, and they are not seeing or feeling any significant changes. My response was this…showing up is NOT enough.  There is a quote that states “90% of success is just showing up”.  I say that’s a bunch of fluff! It is NOT ENOUGH to just show up!  You have to put forth effort in all things in life, in order to see the results you want…the results you deserve!  I much prefer the quote “success is 90% attitude”! You need to start each workout with an attitude of success! An attitude of “today I am going to work hard because I am worth it and I deserve my best”! This attitude of success ties into last week’s article, “What Is Your Purpose”? What are you working for?  You need to keep your goals in mind each and every workout.  Each set, each rep, every step of the way. You need to be willing to push yourself harder and faster so that you can not only meet that purpose…but exceed it! Once you are able to find the mental strength to keep pushing harder and to not doubt yourself or your abilities any longer, THEN you will begin to see and feel the positive changes that you are working for. Remember…showing up is NOT enough.  You have to know WHY you are showing up, and push yourself as hard as you can each day to meet your goals!  Remember, “success is 90% attitude”…and you are worth it!

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