With three kids under 5, Stacy still finds time to work hard and train hard at Summit Fit Dojo. With three kids under 5, Stacy still finds time to train at Summit Fit Dojo. By now most of you have seen me, either getting my sweat on with you; or, if you’re lucky, hollering in your ear to keep going and work toward your goals.  What you may not know about me is my story.   I started working out at Summit Fit Dojo in December, 2010.  I came to Summit Fit Dojo about 7 months after I had my second little boy, overweight and hoping to find a place to help me.   I had lived most of my life in the “slightly overweight” category.  You know the one, where you can still fit the sizes (barely) in the mainstream stores but nothing ever seems to fit right.  My self-confidence was so low that I made my husband call to get the details of the program!  I realized that was ridiculous as soon as he called, but it took me another few weeks to call back myself and try out a class.   Over the course of the next 6 months I lost about 25 pounds and reached my original goal of running a half marathon.  Shortly after I ran the half marathon I look a break from Summit Fit Dojo.  Life got busy and I believed that I could maintain my health and weight on my own.  It should come as no surprise that I immediately stopped working out and put a few pounds back on.  I still had no idea what it meant to be truly healthy.  Working out was something I did to achieve a goal, not something I was doing as a way of life for me and my family.   I got real with myself in the fall of 2011, gathered up the courage to admit that I had failed on my own, and started working out again at Summit Fit Dojo.   I was so nervous to rejoin the classes but found myself welcomed back with no mercy and killer workouts.   I also realized how much I had missed the camaraderie between people and how good it felt to push myself beyond what I thought I could do.  I remembered how empowering it is to feel strong!  I made a commitment to myself and my family then that I would take the time to be fit, make the time to encourage my husband to be fit and teach my kids what it means to be fit.  Being fit isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes time, focus and determination every single day.  It is a choice and every day (almost!) I choose to be healthy.   My husband and I just welcomed our third kiddo, a baby girl, in January of this year.  I am back to working out and coaching all of you!  I am also (for the third time) trying to get my body back in shape!  This time though I have no doubts that I will be successful.  I know now that being healthy and in-shape is about so much more than achieving a number on a scale (though I do have one in mind) .  It’s about being real with where you’re at, working towards where you want to be and enjoying the small accomplishments on the way.   And, in the spirit of being real, I will be blogging over the coming months as I get my body back in shape, lose weight, and eat healthy.  It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not *always* going to be pretty but the end result is worth it!

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