Fitness Myth - Summit Fit Dojo Fitness myths are EVERYWHERE... Where they come from, we have no idea... but we'll help you bust them! There are many fitness myths out there. Some may be “somewhat” true, while others are simply myths and carry no truth whatsoever. We are here to help clarify a few basic myths. Myth #1: You need to drink exactly 64 ounces of water everyday. We are not all designed equally. Some of us are tall or short, big or small, fit or overweight. With that said, there is not a universal number of ounces of water we should consume during any given day. The days you workout, you should consume more water then the days you rest from a workout. However, keep in mind that staying hydrated is important for the muscles, as approximately 75 percent of your body is made up of water. A good rule of thumb for water consumption is this simple mathematical formula. Body Weight / 2 = recommended ounces of water you should consume in any given day. Example: 190lbs / 2 = 95 oz of water per day. This is what I should consume in any given day. However, you want to increase that amount of water you consume during your workout days because of the amount of sweat you exert during workouts. Contact Summit Fit Dojo to learn more about our Broomfield Fitness Classes so that you can lose weight, get in shape, and feel better. Fill out the form on the right side of this page, or call us at: 720-248-0449.

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