Fitness Recovery Time Having a "lazy" day is necessary in life. Having a recovery period between workouts will help you rebuild your muscles. Have you ever heard of fitness myths that were bizarre, yet thought that maybe the “secret” to losing weight and getting in shape? Well, we are here to help clear the air on some fitness myths out there. That way, you can move on with your workouts, and realize the truth. Fitness Myth #3: Only slackers take days off. This is a CRAZY myth! The body is not designed to train and exercise 7 days per week. If a normal adult did this, your body would not have time to actually recuperate and rebuild your muscles. Truth be told, after a certain amount of time of regular exercising, your body will actually develop and repair muscles during rest days. That way, when you workout again, your body will be able to perform again. Without adequate rest, your body and muscles will begin to breakdown and no longer perform at a high level.

So how often should you workout?

Well, at Summit Fit Dojo, we typically recommend our clients to train 3 – 4 days per week, with taking a rest day between each workout day. However, during “rest days” we do not recommend sitting on the couch, rather, doing something light, such as walking or a light/slow jog. That way, your body is still moving. To learn more about our Westminster Fitness Classes please fill out the form at the bottom or top right of this page and/or call us at: 720-248-0449 to setup an appointment.

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