Barefoot running | Summit Fit Dojo It may sound crazy, but barefoot running can really give you added benefits to your fitness training. Barefoot running has become one of the latest fitness movements in the industry. About 3 years ago on Fox 31 News: Good Day Colorado with Dan Daru, there was a newscast on a barefoot running club in Boulder, Colorado that ran barefoot… whether it was cold or hot. The newscast was filmed in the middle of January and many of you know that January in Colorado can be a bit chilly. Anyways, barefoot running isn't new to our society, as it has been around for centuries.  Many civilizations either had no footwear, or minimal footwear. While running with good, comfortable shoes helps quite a bit for most people. Studies have shown those that run with shoes tend to land on the back of their foot, while those who usually run without shoes tend to land on the front of their foot. In addition, barefoot runners who land on the ball of their foot produce lower impact forces then runners who land on the heel of their foot. This could reduce the risk of impact-related injuries…

Why don’t more people run barefoot?

Well, the main reason is probably the probability of stepping on sharp rocks, nails, or shards of glass are pretty high, therefore the spread of disease is at risk. But, if you’re looking at attempting barefoot running more often, or at least want to give it a try, checkout these shoes. Vibram Five Fingers shoes have been used by many athletes looking to reduce injury, increase feet, cavs and leg strength… and simply to change things up. At Summit Fit Dojo, our clients train barefoot too…well, most of them wear socks. But, training barefoot helps strengthen one’s feet and changes the way one trains normally.  And, if we have training outside, our clients put on their shoes. That’s just one of many ways we are sooo different from your normal gym. Give us a call at 720-248-0449 or fill out the form at the bottom or top right side of this screen.

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