Week 3 - Down 9lbs and 6 inches! Week 3 - Down 9lbs and 6 inches! Let's talk about balancing time.  As a mom, not only do I balance family and personal time, but I also balance fitness time. This week I would like share with you my fitness experience with  PFT .  What is PFT....it stands for Physical Fitness Testing. We complete a series of fitness  tests for time the first week of every month at Summit Fit Dojo. I’ve been completing PFT for over two years, so you think I’d be used to it, yes? Not the case for me. The first workout of every month I walk into Summit Fit Dojo with butterflies in my stomach, thinking… have I done enough to improve over last month? Did I put in enough time? What if I have a bad run? What if…the list goes on. I am an inherently competitive person. I never measure my progress against others, but I constantly measure my progress against myself. I always want to be the best at what I do. I want to get in a couple more reps, drop a couple more seconds, and use a little bit higher weight. So I commit myself to making time to exercise so I can get those results. I am a firm believer that you make time for what you want to make time for. So ask yourself… do you want to be healthy? Do you want to fit into those smaller jeans? Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Make the time! If you watched the video on the Summit Fit Dojo site, then you know I mentioned that my family sits down every week and schedules out everything, including workouts. I’m trying to get back into shape after our baby girl and my husband is training for a marathon. Those alone are big commitments. But, we also balance jobs, raising three kids, owning a business, taking care of a house, etc. It’s overwhelming to think about, but we make it work. We have to because for us there is no other choice. I am a better wife, mom and friend when I am fit and healthy. So how do we do it? We make sacrifices. Yes, I often miss out on bedtime or getting my kids up and dressed first thing in the morning. My husband misses out on weekend mornings with the family while he does his long runs. Do we wish we could be there for the times we miss out on every day? Absolutely. But then we remember that what our family and friends need most from us the most is to be healthy, well balanced individuals. Make the time for yourself! Back to PFT…this month I put in the time and got the results. I lost 9lbs and about 6 of those pesky baby inches! More importantly I feel better about myself and have more energy to chase my kiddos around!

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