Our members train hard, and also know how to have fun and support one another along the way! Our members train hard, and also know how to have fun and support one another along the way! Camaraderie is described in the dictionary as "mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together".  Like words include fellowship, companionship, and friendship.   Camaraderie is one of the many attributes I love about Summit Fit Dojo.  As the Fitness Program Director and Coach, I look forward to seeing each member for the scheduled workouts.  I appreciate that members come in early and share part of their day with me.  I value the fact that members look forward to their workouts.  Some have even told me that "this" is their new fix, their new crave.   I also enjoy watching how members interact with one another.  Although our program includes unlimited workouts during any of our scheduled classes, most members are on a pretty tight schedule (aren't we all!) and come on the same days and times each week.  Therefore, friendships have been built.   At any given time you can attend one of our small group training classes and find members working hard....and having fun.  They banter back and forth in good fun, razzing each other about the weight of the dumb bells, the speed of the sprints, and more.  This actually helps those involved (and those who are subject to listening) to push harder through the workout and take it to that next level.   After each workout, members cool down, stretch out, and congratulate one another on a job well done.  They might even share a story that helped them get through the week, or break down another brick in that mental barrier that we all put up.  Ultimately each story or experience shared here at Summit Fit Dojo is helping someone else who is quietly going through the same thing.   In addition to the amazing workouts, our members also participate in several 5k's and obstacle course races throughout the year.  They enjoy getting to know each others family during our Family Fitness Days, and enjoy some good food and sunshine during our annual potluck held each summer.   I hope you all enjoy the camaraderie here at Summit Fit Dojo as much as I do.  You make coming to work each day something to look forward to!   If you are not yet part of Summit Fit Dojo....what are you waiting for?  Contact us today and experience it for yourself!  

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