Resistance Band Training at Summit Fit Dojo Resistance band training is used by some of the best personal trainers and professional athletes. Another reason Summit Fit Dojo is one of the top group fitness programs in Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and Erie, Colorado is because we incorporate resistance band training. Once again, most of the movements when training with resistance bands is functional movement, meaning they are not out of the ordinary of your daily movements, as machines would possible do.

What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are tube-like, rubber bands, that have one handle on each end of the band. Some bands have more resistance than others, therefore, you can customize the tension when you increase your strength. In addition, resistance bands can be used in almost any format. Basically, you can be extremely creative with your workouts by using using sturdy objects around you, or you simply standing on the band. Therefore, you don’t need the luxury of a machine or free weight.

Why Should You Train With Resistance Bands?

First of all, resistance bands is just a great way to change up you normal workout routine. We are not saying that machines and free weights are bad, but lets face it, variety is the spice of life, and fitness training is no different. With free weights, you have gravity that plays a major factor when strength training. However, with resistance bands, you have a constant amount of force or tension on both the flexcion and extention of the exercise. For instance on a bicep curl you have the resistance curling up, as you do bring the arm back down. They also help increase your coordination skills. Resistance bands require you to think about how your body is moving, and where it will go next, while machines don’t work your coordination because you have to follow a designated movement. If you have joint problems, resistance bands are a great way to help strengthen around the joint area. Manly because your are not putting nearly as much pressure on your joints, as machines and free weights do. These can sometimes be safer, when performed correctly. Regular resistance training will increase strength, tone muscles, and increase bone mass. And, you can pretty much do all the exercises that free weights and machines do… and than some!

So Who Trains With Resistance Bands?

Well, many professional trainers have their clients use resistance bands, as well as top athletes. Football players have been known to take resistance bands with them during road games, to sneak in a quick workout in their hotel because they are easy to travel with. So, for those fitness programs that say they can’t get a great workout with resistance bands… they haven’t joined our boot camp. We can make it feel like your arm is about to fall off with resistance bands. To learn more about Broomfield Fitness Classes, contact Head Fitness Instructor — Javier Lozano, Jr. or Fitness Program Director, Lynn Voorhees at 720.248.0449 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page or top right side of the screen.

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