Thermogenic Weight Loss Pills Many people think that thermogenic weight loss pills will ACTUALLY help them trim their waistline. Rather, it will trim your wallet! In an effort to lose weight, many individuals take thermogenic products, . It’s thought these pills and drinks increase resting energy expenditure (REE). Researches randomly assigned 18 subjects to receive either three capsules of a commercially available thermogenic product or a placebo (vitamin E). Those who consumed the thermogenic product increased their REE by 17.3%, 19.6%, and 15.3% after one, two, and three hours post ingestion, respectively. Meanwhile those who consumed the placebo decreased their REE at the same time points. But how many more calories were used as a result of the product? Well, the REE increased by an average of about 11.46 calories during the first hour, 13.54 calories during the second hour, and 10.42 calories during the third hour. This amounts to about 35.42 calories over the course of three hours. That’s right, a little more than 35 calories in three hours. Losing one pound of fat (3,500 calories) then, requires roughly 300 capsules of this particular product. At $39.99 for 90 capsules, thats an investment of about $133.30 per pound of fat. You do the math now! Besides, taking these products does absolutely nothing to improve health and fitness or teach good nutritional habits. It would be far better — and much cheaper — to lose calories through exercising more and eating less calories. NOTE: this article was provided by Matt Brzycki, a guest writer for American Fitness in the January / February 2011 issue. If you would like to lose weight and get in shape the healthy way… with guaranteed results, contact Summit Fit Dojo by filling out the form on the right side of this page or calling us at 720-248-0449.

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