Summit Fit Dojo - Jumping Moats Granted, the moats at the Spartan Military Sprint weren't this big... but they were big... The Spartan Military Sprint really started out with a bang! The first obstacle of the day (besides just showing up!) was the Moats. These were three water filled moats, that were anywhere from four to five feet across, and very slippery and muddy. Each moat had just a few steps in between, allowing just seconds to prepare to leap again. Our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans conquered the moats due to their hard core obstacle course training. That's right, our members prepared for months if not years in advance with distance running, sprints, step-ups, knee tucks, and plyo-box jumps (just to name a few). Of course distance running helps our bodies with overall conditioning and endurance, and also helps us to adjust the length of our stride. Our team also built up a lot of strength in the hamstrings and quadriceps with sprinting intervals, which helped with the entire leaping motion, and having the strength to push off from the back foot. Lastly, we trained over and over again with step-ups and with plyometrics, including jumping knee tucks and plyo-box jumps. These plyometric exercises require one to use the entire body in one swift motion, tightening the core, and pulling or tucking the knees up towards the chest to give height, versus kicking the heels up from behind. All of these training methods, paired with strong will and perseverance, helped our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans to conquer obstacle number one.....The Spartan Military Race Moats.

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