Summit Fit Dojo - Over Under Through` Jumping over a wall, crawling under a wall, and jumping through a wall. Spartan Military Race obstacle number two...over, under, and through. You guessed it, for this obstacle we had to go over a wall, under a wall, and yes....through a wall. This type of obstacle requires total body strength, as well as flexibility, and agility. The Summit Fit Dojo Spartans rocked this obstacle by way of push ups, pull ups, endless bicep curls, burpees, medicine ball slams, squats, and many other challenging training methods. Let's tackle going over the wall first.  Well, that requires a strong upper body and core.  Our members complete many training sessions, that include push ups (inclines, declines, warrior's) and pull ups (with or without assistance bands), sometimes in the range of 300 plus in one session! Of course we need to talk about the under and through portion of this obstacle as well, and that is where the squats and medicine ball slams come in to play.  In a proper squat or slam, you must keep your stomach muscled pulled in nice and tight (I always say pull your belly button to your spine) and then drop down and sit your bottom back, like you are looking for that invisible chair behind you.  These forms work your lower half, increasing strength and muscle definition in the legs and glutes, and help to you losen your hips and stay agile as well. And who can forget burpees....glorious burpees.  Burpees may suck....but the results of them are just plain awesome!  What other exercise can you do that combines upper body, lower body, core, cardio, and agility all in one!  They're like the one stop shop of the fitness world! So, there you have it....just a few of the many training methods we use here at Summit Fit Dojo, to help prepare you for the over-under-through of obstacle course training.  Whether your obstacle is on an organized course, or is just part of the course of life, we can help you to meet it head on!

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