Fitness Kickboxing at Summit Fit Dojo Fitness Kickboxing is a great form of real self defense, without the bumps and bruises. It's no secret that any type of training for fighting is one of the most rigorous physical exercises anyone can do. It tends to make you use absolutely every part of your body, and fitness kickboxing is no exception to this rule. The benefit of using fitness kickboxing as an exercise routine is that you are killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you're working out your body to a strong degree in the following ways:

  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Increased Conditioning
  • More powerful muscles (in both arms and legs for punches and kicks)
  • More Flexibility
  • More Endurance
All of these physical benefit happens at the same time.  When you deliver a punch, for example, you workout a variety of different muscles in your arms and back, such as biceps, triceps, and rhomboids. The same applies with delivering kicks, blocks, strikes, and so on. Each exercise will workout a variety of different muscles, keeping you fit in every way. But it won't just be your muscles.  Such a workout will keep your heart rate high, helping to promote your cardio as well. Additionally, all that weaving and punching will help keep you limber and flexible, which will in turn make you less prone to injury. But even beyond all of the benefit to your body, you will also be learning a valuable life skill due to the self defense training benefits. You never know when you'll need to defend yourself in a bad situation, after all, having self defense training can make all the difference between how that situation works out. This will also make you more confident and could positively benefit you mentally as well. And mental benefits can go a long way to helping you in just about every corner of your life.  Your level of confidence and self assurance will determine how you do in personal relationships, as well as in your job, hobbies, and every other part of your life. How you feel physically will affect this as well.  This will affect your level of energy that you can devote to your various life projects and interests, as well as your career.  Cardio in particular will make you feel better and more full of energy, and fitness kickboxing at Summit Fit Dojo is a great source of cardio. Depending on your situation, fitness kickboxing could be a life saving skill to acquire.  It's especially good for those who have smaller body frames and need to develop their strength and agility.  Added to that is the fact that the most important thing when starting an exercise routine is to make it fun, and this is something that many Summit Fit Dojo kickboxing clients enjoy about our fitness kickboxing program. So, with that in mind, it never hurts to try it out and see what you think!

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