Sandbag Workouts Used To Develop Muscle Stabilizers Sandbags aren't just used to create a barrier, but also for fitness training classes at Summit Fit Dojo Yet, ANOTHER reason why Summit Fit Dojo offers such a great workout program is because we vary our training regimen by adding Sandbag Workouts. That’s right… Sandbags workouts. Sandbags workouts add variety, instability, and other types of functional movement. As we discussed in previous posts, functional movement is a great method of working out because your body performs motions that are very typical, and you do not need to place your arms, legs, or torso in positions that are unnatural.

What Are Sandbags?

Well, honestly, there is nothing special about this equipment. If you are picturing those sandbags that people use during floods or in the military, it’s pretty much the same thing. However, when our sandbags are created, they are a bit different, making them a bit more pliable. As in, you can pick them up in various formats, throw them over your shoulders, carry them like bags, and almost anything else you can think of. Summit Fit Dojo creates different types of sandbag that is a mixture of sand and rubber mulch, in a canvas bag. This allows our you to have the ability to grab the sandbags from other parts, including the handle. Sandbags can come in almost any weight possible. From as little as 15 pounds to maybe as much as 40-50 pounds. Or even more…

Why Should You Train In A Sandbag Workout?

You can practically perform ANY workout with Sandbags. Shoulder presses. Chest presses. Bicep Curls. Squats & Lunges. Tricep extentions. Crunches. Core muscles. But you also work on your hands and forearms because you need to learn how to grab the sandbags and hold the weight. You’ll also use stabilizer muscles more than you can imagine. The main reason is because the sand moves, therefore you need to adjust your body and grip at all times. This stimulates the mind and body at all times.

Who Uses Sandbag Workouts?

Well, I’m sure that many top athletes and professional personal trainers have their clients use sandbag workouts to get them in shape… We’ve also seen Mixed Martial Arts fighters and football players use sandbag workouts, or some sort of variation. Finally, Summit Fit Dojo uses sandbag workouts too, because we realize that there are plenty of functional movements involved in this type of training. To learn more about our small group fitness classes, please fill out the form on the right side of the screen and/or call us at 720.248.0449 today.

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