Summit Fit Dojo Certified Trainers Our Certified Personal Trainers will help you meet your goals, while making sure you stay safe during every training session. Every now and then some of our athletes ask us why we do not train with them during our Summit Fit Dojo Westminster Fitness Classes. Our response has always been the same. “You are not here to train with us, you are here to be pushed and motivated.” In addition, we need to supervise our clients and make sure they are doing the exercises properly. With that said, here’s an article from Matt Brzycki, a guest writer for American Fitness. He is a the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness at Princeton University.

Good news for personal trainers: studies have shown that supervision is vital for a fitness program to be effective. In a recent study, researches in the Netherlands randomly assigned 34 subjects to an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group participated in a fitness program that was supervised by sports instructors. This group exercised twice a week for 2 hours. Their program consisted of endurance training and strength training alternated with an indoor fitness program. The control group was “advised” to exercise individually without receiving specific instructions. On request, this group could get advice and instruction from the instructors who were present at all times. in order to avoid contact with the control group, the experimental group exercised in a separate space. And, while the experimental group was “coerced” by the instructors to participate, the control group had to exercise with their own initiative. After 4 months, those who received supervision lost more weight (17.6 pounds compared with 6.16 pounds) and body fat (13.64 pounds compared with 3.74 pounds) than those who received supervision.
At Summit Fit Dojo, your fitness coaches are Certified Personal Trainers, and they are there to help motivate, push, and encourage you during every workout. If you would like lose weight and get in shape, fill out the form on the right side of this page and/or call us at: 720.248.0449 today.

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