Summit Fit Dojo Monkey Bars Monkey bars aren't just a child hood memory, they are an obstacle in the Spartan Race. Remember when you were in grade school and one of the funnest parts of the day was recess?  Who didn't love running around from the swings, to the slide, and finally to the monkey bars! Well, the Spartan Military Race allowed us to all relive part of our childhood with their own version of the monkey bars...on steroids. Seriously, the monkey bars that everyone stumbled upon at obstacle number three were incredibly high off the ground, and the distance between each bar was a longer than normal stretch.  Let's not even talk about the fact that the bars were at various heights, causing the need to not only reach out further, but also up and down. How does one prepare for this you might ask.  Well, our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans manned up to the bars through lots of upper body conditioning.  Our workouts, which change from day to day and can be based on AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible), circuits, or workouts for best clock time, all include strength training.  As you may have read in a previous post, we do A LOT of push-ups, and not just regular push-ups, but inclines, declines, clapping, renegade, and more.  This variety is necessary to target all of the muscle groups in the chest, shoulders, back, and arms. We also added some pull ups to the mix, so that our members could train to lift and hold their own body weight.  It was so encouraging to see some of our members progress from barely being able to do one pull-up with a 3" assistance band, to cranking out the double digits...some without any assistance! Of course these are just a couple of the forms that we used for monkey bar training.  There are plenty more "torture" devices and methods that we used along the way to build up strength and improve agility. So...if you are looking to get in shape to play with your kids at the park, or improve you strength to conquer the monkey bars in a future obstacle course race, Summit Fit Dojo can help!

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