Do you have the strength to weave through the beams on this obstacle? Do you have the strength to weave through the beams on this obstacle? The Weaver is an A-Frame shaped obstacle, consisting of logs or beams that one must "weave"  through, going over one beam and then under one beam, to the top of the A-Frame and back down the opposite side.  Sounds crazy right? Well it is, and it was obstacle number five at the Spartan Military Race .  Though a large percentage of participants opted to bear crawl up one side of the obstacle and down the other, it was still a challenge.  Imagine being 20 feet off the ground, bear crawling over 3 foot gaps!  That's crazy too! Well our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans might be crazy, but they weaved and/or crawled their way past this obstacle with no problem (and no penalty burpees)! Our ever changing and challenging workouts combine just the right mix of cardio and strength training.  Some of the workouts that increased strength and endurance for the weaver obstacle included high repetitions of  pull ups and incline push ups.  Pull ups assisted those that weaved in and out of the obstacle to support and lift their body weight while going under one beam and then pulling up to go over the next beam.  Incline push ups helped as well, building upper body and core strength to not only weave, but also bear crawl up the A-Frame. Of course, we threw a fair share of bear crawls and crab walks into our workout outs.  If you think that bear crawls or crab walks aren't really a workout, just try alternating back and forth between the two for 3 minutes at a time.  Keep your intensity level high as you bear crawl in one direction for 50 feet, and then crab walk back to your starting point.  Take a 20 second break at the end of each 3 minute round.  Repeat this routine for 30 minutes.  You're sure to work every muscle group in your body, get a great cardio workout, and feel muscles burning that you never new you had!  Rest assured that the next time you come across a weaver obstacle, you'll be ready for it! Maybe obstacle course running isn't for you.  But our workouts at Summit Fit Dojo are all based on functional movement.  Do you ever have the need to climb a ladder?  Maybe you need to climb up on the roof to check some tiles or clean the gutters.  Maybe you just want to play with your kids at the playground instead of sitting on the sidelines watching them.  The training that our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans went through to prepare for the weaver and other obstacles will also help you to gain the strength and endurance you need throughout the course of your day.  Whether it's to perform your active job with more safety and efficiency, or just to be more active and agile during your free time. Don't let health and fitness be an obstacle in your life....let Summit Fit Dojo coach you along the path to success!

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