In a  lot of my small group classes I coach people through obstacles, be it mental or physical.  Some of the hardest obstacles to overcome are the mental barriers.  These can include gaining the mental toughness to keep pushing even when your mind is telling you to stop, or the mental barrier of believing that you can in fact perform a specific exercise.  Sometimes we must even overcome the barrier of getting to class in the first place!  Whatever the mental barrier is, we must train our minds to be just as strong, if not stronger than our bodies....and get over that wall! Obstacle | Wall Climb | Summit Fit DojoIn the Spartan Military Race participants also had to overcome physical barriers, in the form of a six, seven, and eight foot wall.  These walls were straight up and down, with no toe holds or grips at all.  As a participant, you were allowed to help another Spartan by giving them a boost or lift, and then they were on their own to get the rest of the way up, over, and back down to solid ground.   When first approaching the set of three walls they seemed a bit intimidating, but I soon realized how easy they were to overcome, especially with a little bit of teamwork. Teamwork was a big part of the Summit Fit Dojo Spartans training leading up to the event.  Our members worked together three to five times a week, completing various cardiovascular and strength training routines.  Whether it was running last man sprints, team circuits, or wall ball toss and catch, our members learned how to work together.  Throughout the workouts they gained a great sense of camaraderie and encouraged one another to be their best, and to continue to strive to break down the barriers. The physical training that our members went through helped to conquer the walls as well.  In addition to the many  push ups, pull ups, and medicine ball wall tosses which aided in building upper body strength, members also completed a vast amount of kettle bell swings.  From Russian kettle bell swings, to American swings, to Power swings, kettle bells work the shoulder joints, hips, knees, and ankles, while increasing core strength and boosting agility and endurance. It was this agility and endurance that helped our team to not only "get a leg up" on the competition....or on their team member, but it also helped them to have the strength and confidence to grip and pull themselves up to the top of the wall, swing one leg over the top, then two, and finally lower them selves back down the opposite side. Once back on solid ground, our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans were off and running, ready to conquer the next obstacle. So, if you are looking to break down a mental or physical barrier, let Summit Fit Dojo coach you along the way.  We can work together to break down the wall one piece at a time, leading to a more healthier and fit version of you!

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