Summit Fit Dojo | Atlas Lift Summit Fit Dojo Spartan participating in the Atlas Lift obstacle. Every obstacle faced in the Spartan Military Race requires mental strength and physical fitness, and many of the challenges cross over into day to day life.  Consider obstacle number ten in the Spartan Military Race, the Atlas Lift. The Atlas Lift obstacle required participants to lift a concrete boulder and swiftly carry it across an open field, drop the boulder, perform five Spartan Burpees, and then lift and carry the concrete boulder back to the starting position. Though most of us don't lift and carry heavy boulders in our day to day routine, we do find ourselves having to squat and lift heavy objects.  Whether it's lifting a box at work, rearranging furniture at home, or even carrying a small child, (though most of you don't stop and do five burpees when you drop your toddler off at might get some strange me) we must have core strength and use proper form.   Our Summit Fit Dojo Spartan Team trained in advance for all of the obstacles at the Spartan Military Race.  And though our workouts covered both strength and cardio, one exercise that really helped with the Atlas Lift was sandbag burpees.  Yes, I said sandbag burpees. Summit Fit Dojo uses a variety of equipment in each workout to target muscle groups in different ways.  Our sandbags are hand made (with you in mind) and range from 15 - 30 pounds. Summit Fit Dojo | Burpee Summit Fit Dojo loves burpees! So, just when you thought the burpee couldn't get any better -  jump off the ground with your hands overhead, drop to the ground, execute a full push up with your chest touching the ground, press out of the push-up jumping your legs underneath your body so that you're in a squatted position, stand up, and add a sandbag to the mix. That's right - press that sandbag overhead as you jump off the ground, then drop the sand bag to to ground as you follow, execute a full push up, chest touching the sandbag, then pick the sandbag back up as you press out of the push get the idea.  Nothing like performing the highly adored burpee with an extra 15 to 30 pounds! Many of our members have lost that much weight, if not more, in just a few short months of training with us.  Just think about how heavy that sandbag feels, knowing that you used to carry that weight on your frame on a daily basis.....if that' doesn't motivate you to keep pushing through the workout, nothing will! And though the sandbag burpees always entailed some griping and complaining, our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans were ready to rock the Atlas Lift, and then some!

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